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Alcoholic Beverages

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Mintel: Americans like meat-free days

‘Meatless Mondays’ seem to be catching on among Americans as a way to cut back, with new research from Mintel revealing that US consumers use meat alternatives because they like to have meat-free days.

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Frutarom acquires SA flavours company

Frutarom has acquired Unique Flavors of South Africa for $6.7 million

Unique’s sales volume in the 12 months ending January 31, 2017 amounted to approx. $9 million.

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Mintel touts sorghum

According to Mintel, sorghum is one of the top five cereal grains globally, and is gaining in popularity as an ingredient in the salty snacks category over the past two years, mainly as a gluten-free grain alternative.

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Latest news

UK organic sales continue rise

UK organic sales continue rise 

24 Feb 2017
Mintel: Indian tiredness is an opportunity

Mintel: Indian tiredness is an opportunity 

24 Feb 2017
Mellentin: fermentation is the future

Mellentin: fermentation is the future 

24 Feb 2017

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Blending and finishing

Bronson and Jacobs International Co., Ltd.

Bronson and jacobs international co., ltd provides wide range of wine products which includes blending and finishing. Contact us for more information.

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Food Base Kft.

Our passion at Food Base is to create and deliver flavours that bring taste sensations and value to our customers.

Industries Food Base serves several industries:

• Baking & Confectionery:  We offer sweet & fruity flavours wit...

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FT102LT Carbonator/Filler

Armfield Limited

The Armfield FT102X has a well deserved reputation for being simply the best Carbonator-Filler on the market. The new Armfield FT102LT utilises the same technology and most of the features and benefits, in a smaller, more cost effective package.

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Flavor Consultants

Flavor consultants, inc. Offers a wide range of products which includes anchovy. It belongs to meat & savory. Contact us for more information.

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Kreglinger vintage brut

Kreglinger Specialties

Kreglinger Europe offers wide range of wines which includes kreglinger vintage brut. Contact us for more information.

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Contraload NV

Plastic conical drum
Size (mm): 950x59
Weight (kg): 8,65
Temp: -20 - +40
Load capacity: 210 liters
Noteworthy: Conical drum, nestable
Mostly used in: fruit preparations, frozen, beverages

Contact us for more information!

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Plamil Plain Chocolate 100g

Good Earth Natural Foods

Good Earth Natural Foods provides wide range of products from plamil brand which includes plamil plain chocolate 100g. It’s a dairy milk chocolate taste without the dairy milk. Gluten free and milk free. Ingredients: cocoa mass, xylitol, cocoa butter, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin. Contact us for more i...

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Soft Drink Flavours

Kanegrade Ltd.

Kanegrade ltd. offers a wide range of flavours which includes soft drink flavours. Application: its is used in variety of natural soft drink such as apple (dessert, green, fresh, red), apricot (fresh, ripe), banana (fresh, green, ripe), blackberry (fresh, juicy, ripe), elderflower, dandelion & burdock, forest...

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38 degrees kinmen sorghum 300ml

Vedan Biotechnology

Vedan Biotechnology offers wide range of beverages which includes 38 degrees kinmen sorghum 300ml. Packaging: 24 bottles / box. Contact us for more information.

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Absinthe aperitif (carton)

Cherry Rocher Industrie

Absinthe Aperitif belongs to wines and fruit category. It is lightly sweetened and release the flavour of the natural fruit that appeals to all palates. Packaging in carton - length: 27.5 cm, width: 18 cm, height: 31 cm, gross weight: 8 kg, number of article: 6 (17 per layer).

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SPRL Tevarom

Tevarom offers a wide range of food products which includes gruyere type cheese. It belongs to cheese type flavour. Discription: mature with some typical buttery / fatty nuances. Contact us for more information.

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Alcoholic Beverages


We are specializes in flavors and aromatic extracts for any liqueur. Emans is a true benchmark in the alcoholic beverage flavoring segment and applies traditional extraction, distillation, and infusion techniques. It can also create tailor-made products for alcoholic beverages of any type. In balance betwe...

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Almond beverage

Aromas LeCocq

Aromas lecocq provides wide range of alcoholic beverages which includes almond beverage. Contact us for more information.

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Alternatives to Dairy Based Beverages

Friesland Campina Creamy Creation

FrieslandCampina Creamy Creation offers a wide range of products which includes Alternatives to Dairy Based Beverages. It belongs to alcoholic beverages category. It is possible to replace dairy ingredients with non-dairy ingredients like soy, coconut or palm oil which have many advantages. Vegetable based cr...

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AlindaVelco S.A.

AlindaVelco S.A provides wide range of products which includes anethol. It belongs to beverages products category. It is an organic compound, obtained especially from the oils of anise and fennel, is widely used as a flavor agent. Contact us for more information.

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Apple and pear wines


Austria juice gmbh offers a wide range of products which includes apple and pear wines. Features: not only the exquisite taste, there are also other factors that make our fruit wines so popular. Alcohol content, residual sugar content, acidity, color, preservation. Contact us for more information.

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Ardbeg Ten

Triballat Noyal

Triballat noyal offers a wide range of food products which includes ardbeg ten. It belongs to the brand: curenantais. Contact us for more information.

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Arlico Fluid Cherry Brandy

Steensma bakery ingredients

Steensma bakery ingredients offers a wide variety of poducts which includes arlico fluid cherry brandy. It belongs to liquors category. Contact us for more information.

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Louis Saveur

Louis Saveur provides wide range of products which includes armagnac. It belongs to plain alcohols category. It is an eau-de-vie from the natural alcoholic fermentation and the distillation of wines that stem from the protected designation of origin in the southwest of france. Contact us for more information.

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PT Lautan Luas Tbk

PT Lautan Luas Tbk offers a wide range of beverage products which includes beer. Contact us for more information.

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TAIWAN VEDAN BIOTECHNOLOGY provides wide range products which includes beverages. Vedan major packaged water brand "more water" ranks no.1 in the brand image survey of package water in taiwan. Vedan herb tea is the first domestic series of health beverages accredited by ministry of health and welfare, taiwan....

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Bi-destilled Alcohool

Hela Spice

Cereal, manioc and sugar cane alcohols demetilised

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Cao Xi series wine

Anhui Ante Food Co., Ltd

Ante vodka is made from high-quality corn and natural mineral water by technologies and equipment of SPECHIM. This product is suitable for both men and women, a long-term moderate drinking of Ante vodka can help to clean the body. Uses: 1. Direct drink. 2. Important wine base for blending cocktails. It includ...

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Citric Acid


Category: Acid regulators, Feed ingredient. Contact us for more information.

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Coffee, Teas, Alcoholic beverages (Wine, etc.)

Kanematsu GmbH

Kanematsu GMBH offers a wide range of products which includes Coffee, Teas, Alcoholic beverages (Wine, etc.). Contact us for more information.

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Creamy base for alcoholic drinks


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Creamy Spiced Eggnog


SensoryEffects offers a wide range products under sensory effects segment which includes creamy spiced eggnog. It is well rounded with subtle hints of rum and a slightly more prominent level nutmeg. Contact us for more information.

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Ethyl alcohol

AGRANA Beteiligungs AG

Agrana beteiligungs AG offers a wide range of products under food - retail and industry category which includes ethyl alcohol. It is a first class potable fine alcohol from agricultural origin produced by multiple distillations. This type of ethanol has an alcohol content of 96% with neutral taste and smell, ...

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Senson oy offers a wide range of food products which includes finlandia. It belongs to beverage extracts. Contact us for more information.

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Category: Phosphoric acid. The most important usage area of the refined phosphoric acid is food industry. It can be used as acid regulator especially in soft drinks, yeast industry and also used for refinery of butter and sugar.

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