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Hydrosol: whey can be turned into profitable new products

Hydrosol says it now gives cheese makers new possibilities. With Stabisol JOC stabiliser and texturing systems, rennet and acid whey can, claims the company, profitably be made into new products.

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Nestlé first in foods in 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Increasing the share of renewable energy by using solar panels, spent coffee grounds or wood chips to power its factories have helped Nestlé become No.1 in the 2017 DJSI.

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Unilever resumes palm oil purchases from IOI noting 'positive progress'

Following the update on the positive progress IOI has made on sustainability, Unilever has now resumed sourcing palm oil from IOI.

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Symrise gets millennials' perspective on vanilla

Symrise gets millennials' perspective on vanilla 

21 Sep 2017
ADM, Mayo Clinic to collaborate on personalised nutrition

ADM, Mayo Clinic to collaborate on personalised nutrition 

21 Sep 2017
Frutarom BU Health launches new fruit-based delivery system

Frutarom BU Health launches new fruit-based delivery system 

21 Sep 2017

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Silvateam Food Ingredients S.r.l.

With over 30 years of experience, Silvateam manufactures Tan’Activ®, a line of tannic acids, also known as gallotannins, extracted from renewable sources such as gallnuts and tara pods.
Widely used in the wine industry as clarifying agents, colour stabilisers and taste enhancers, they can also foste...

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Pomegranate Concentrate

Omaid Bahar

Packaging : Product is Packed in Aseptic Bag 250 (Kgs) in conical drums 

Storage Conditions: Storage 0-5 C 

Shelf life: 24 months from the date of production under above mentioned storage condition 

These are basic specifications. 
 However, the pro...

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Blackberry aperitif (homogeneous pallet)

Cherry Rocher Industrie

Blackberry Aperitif belongs to wines and fruit category. It is lightly sweetened and release the flavour of the natural fruit that appeals to all palates. Packaging in homogeneous pallet - length: 120 cm, width: 80 cm, height: 145 cm, gross weight: 565 kg, number of article: 408, number of carton: 68, number ...

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Instant Yogurt Powder

Custom Food Group

Custom Yogurt is a instant cold water soluble yogurt premix which offer a range of flavours yogurt includes original flavour, strawberry flavour and other. We are able to customize the flavour and other characteristic to suit customer requirement. It has strong milky flavour and creamy and smooth bdoy that su...

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Liquid Oat products

Glucanova AB

LIQUID OAT BRAN (LOB) = High fibre and β-glucan content. Suits health claims & innovation in full fiber beverages

LIQUID WHOLE OATS (LWO) = Keeping all the goodness of oats. Suits the “whole grain” concept

LIQUID OATS (LO) = Our technology works also with reg...

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Instantgum™ is a full range of purified and instantized selected gum acacia, designed for a large range of functionalities. Depending on the origin of gum acacia, Instantgum™ offers specific properties. Advantages: major cost & time savings, provides excellent flavor retention, stability and shelf-life an...

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IPh Sodium Carbonate


Solvay offers wide range of food products which includes IPh Sodium Carbonate. It's most common uses are as a buffer in energy drinks and as a moisture retention agent. Application: beverage. 

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Beverage Flavours

KH Roberts Pte Ltd

Water-soluble flavours in low dosage for beverage applications.

RTD tea, coffee, dairy-based, fruity.

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Quantum Hi Tech (China) Biological Co., Ltd

Galactooligosaccharides is the closest to breast milk can industrial production of prebiotic oligosaccharides, is a water-soluble dietary fiber, due to the high security and good physiological functions, can be widely used in infant formula and health food in. Applications: infant formula, infant cereal food ...

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White Tea

Hälssen & Lyon

Hälssen & Lyon offers a wide range of tea products which include white tea. It is obtained from ta plant and produced in different ways. Contact us for more information.

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Nutrafood-Food for Health

Nutrafood suppliers non dairy beverages. Iy produces base, concentrate, compound and also tailored made plant-based drinks in private label. From the world of oilseeds and cereals, a variety of appealing drinks: from almond milk to coconut milk, from hazelnut milk to cashew milk, Its structure support bot...

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Spray dried minerals

Nutrition Supplies

spray dried compounds of various trace elements for better oxidative protection and neutral taste in aqueous and dry media.

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Harraz For Food Industry & Natural Products

Medicinal Herbs, Spices and Kitchen Herbs, Cold Pressed Oils, Essential Oils, Hydrosols, Soaps, Bee Honey, Instant Drinks, and Dehydrated Fruits & Vegetables,

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Sweetners - Binders and Thickners - Proteins - Nutrients

Tiba Starch & Glucose Manufacturing Co.

From the egyptian rice we produce :

-       Glucose             ( Syrup & Powder )

-       Maltodextrin      ( Powder & Syru...

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Sodium Citrate

Hugestone Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Sodium Citrate Sodium citrate is colourless or white crystalline granule or crystalline powder, odourless;taste salty and cold;soluble in water,difficulity in ethanol;slightly deliquescence in moist air, PH7.6-8.6 in 5% aqueous solution,when heated to 150°C,it may lose crystal water.Food Grade Sodiu...

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CARUMA® [Carob powder for human food] is a natural ingredient for human food. It consists in flour obtained from carob pulp and has a unique flavour that enhances the aroma and taste of the final preparation. Applications: substitute for cocoa, chocolate, ice-creams and yoghourts, confectionery, pastry, roast...

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Potato Starch

Royal Ingredients Group B.V.

Royal Lion brand

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vital wheat gluten

Henan Feitian Agricultural Development Stock, Co., Ltd

make by wheat starch, used for food additives

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Vanilla Extract

PT. Tripper Nature

The vanillic acid and vanillin in vanilla are found to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vanilla is used in desserts, baking, beverages and even aromatherapy. Split the pods lengthwise and scrape out the black seeds with the flat of a knife. Use the vanilla “caviar” in puddings or ...

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Orange powder

Hainan Nicepal Industry Co Ltd

Hainan Nicepal Industry Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes orange original powder.FU orange has a local characteristics of tropical orange crops.its characteristics  are :fruit large ,thin skin,juicy,high content of selenium,sweet and sour ,especially palatable.Nicepal orange Powder...

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Red Concentrated Mist

Kineta SA

Kineta SA offers a wide range of products which includes red concentrated mist. Features: it is obtained from unfermented grape juice, obtained from selected and healthy grapes, to which water has been removed. It is a viscous red liquid. Contact us for more information.

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Eljap B.V.

Ginger only

Ginger Syrup, 
Ginger on Syrup
Crystallized ginger
Pickeled ginger
Fresh ginger

regular and organic

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BESTMIX Quality management software

Adifo Software

BESTMIX Quality management (LIMS) is an open data-processing application that lets you collect comprehensive data from your sample management processes with ease, integrate it seamlessly into your core applications and evaluate and distribute the results in a consistent and flexible way. LIMS for food...

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Regency Spices LLP

We are dealing in different types of raisins - black, golden , brown. So please do contact us for any requirement & visit our stall - at 11.1C37NEP

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Whole Milk Powder

Lactalis Ingredients

Lactalis Ingredients is the supplier of milk powders (skimmed and whole) for food industries. 
Whole milk powder is obtained by spray-drying pasteurised milk. It contains between 26% and 40% milk fat (by weight) on an “as is” basis. Vitamin fortification of whole milk powder is also possible.

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Bio Tae Extratos e Ingredientes Naturais

Follow our list of products for exportation.

We are able to produce a wide range of other Extracts . Pls be free to contact us !

email :

Thank you

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Fruit Purees and Puree Concentrates

Bayernwald Fruchteverwertung KG

100 % Natural, with or without seeds, 45 different fruits, aseptic, different packaging sizes. The Puree / Pulp concentrates with different concentrations / Brix.

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ALCOHOL_Surfin 99


Surfin 99 is absolute alcohol obtained by dehydrating Surfin 96 grade alcohol. Highly purified, it is perfect as a natural extraction solvent.

Surfin 99 is made from sustainable agricultural raw materials, GMO-free, and is produced according to the most stringent environmental sta...

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Activated Carbons

Carbonitalia SRL

At first glance, all types of activated carbon seem alike. They all derive from the same element, carbon. They are used for their ability to absorb and to remove undesired substances from gases and liquids. However, there are activated carbons which may be more effective depending on the application. Undoubte...

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Speciality Ingredients

Döhler GmbH

Create unique new taste sensationswith our alcoholic and non-alcoholic ferments.

Be it cider or wine mixes, brewed lemonades or reduced-calorie fruit juices, use Döhlerʼs fermentation expertise for beverage innovations that are sure to be a success.

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