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Cereals and Cereal Products

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Can yeast rise to the challenge of curing cancer?

Modified baker’s yeasts cause an immune response and the production of lymphocyte killers, which detect and eliminate cancerous cells.

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Carrageenan growth forecast to slow

In spite of recording global sales of over 60,000 metric tonnes in 2016, Future Market Insights (FMI) predicts that the global demand for carrageenan gum will witness a considerable decline.

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Cargill introduces winegum texturizer

Cargill has introduced a texturizing solution that it says will enable European confectionery manufacturers to achieve optimal texture and transparency and reduce drying time by up to 50% for their gelatin-free winegum applications.

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Latest news

Frutarom reports record sales and profits

Frutarom reports record sales and profits 

28 Mar 2017
Mintel: Germany leads in vegan product innovation

Mintel: Germany leads in vegan product innovation 

28 Mar 2017
100% sustainable juice alliance formed

100% sustainable juice alliance formed 

28 Mar 2017

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ORDALIS High Degree Hydrolysis GLUTEN FREE MIX


Rice, corn, buckwheat and quinoa mix. Gluten free.Innovative ingredient with low  viscosity and high solubility.High degree of hydrolisis cereal mix for the food industry. Excellent application in dairy and fruit purées, etc. Naturally sweet product (no need to add sweeteners).  ISO certif...

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Cereal balls with popping candy

Hleks Gida San. Ve Tic. A.S

Hleks Gida Sa.n ve Tic. A.S. offers a wide range of bulk products which includes Cereal balls with popping candy. Contact us for more information.

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Tereos offers a wide range of products which includes CEREALS. Application: human nutrition and starch production. Four types form the core of national production: soft wheat, maize, barley and durum wheat. In its industrial facilities Tereos processes the cereals grown by its cereal co-operative partners, am...

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Crisp Rice

ABF Ingredients

Conventional crisp rice belongs to extruded particulates category. Applications: Bakery mixes, batters and breadings, breads, cakes, cereals, cookies, energy and nutritional bars, muffins, pizza dough, snack foods and tortillas. Contact us for more information.

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Hulled Hemp Seeds

Hemp Oil Canada

Hemp Oil Canada offers a wide variety of products which includes our delicious, high quality Hulled Hemp Seeds. Also known as hemp seed hearts or hemp nuts, which is the white inner meat or nut of the hemp seed with the hull or shell removed. These mighty seeds pack an energetic and nutritious punch that...

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Ndc for cereal

Added International (S) Pte Ltd

Added international (s) pte ltd provides wide range of food materials which includes ndc for cereal. Best before: 18 months. Package: food grade plastic for inside, and paper bags for outside. It improves recostituability add mellow aroma and flavor replace milk,lower cost. Contact us for more information.

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Ale malt

Muntons Ingredients

Muntons Plc offers wide range of malt which includes ale malt. Contact us for more information.

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All purpose flour

Tekirdag Un San. Tic. Ltd. Sti

TEKIRDAG UN SAN. TIC. LTD. STI offers wide range of food products which includes all purpose flour. There are several differen types of flour that can be used in cooking. The most commonly used type of flour is called all purpose flour. It can be used inj breads, cookies, as a thickening agent, breads for mea...

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Baked & Dough Sweet Products

Kerry Ingredients & Flavours

Kerry ingredients & flavours provides wide range of cereals and sweets which includes baked & dough sweet products. Contact us for more information.

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Bakery Products


Sicna Srl offers a wide range of products which includes bakery products. Contact us for more information.

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Barley Cup 100g

Good Earth Natural Foods

Good Earth Natural Foods provides wide range of products from barley cup brand which includes barley cup 100g. It is suitable for those seeking a caffeine fix without the caffeine. Warming and invigorating this can replace normal coffee as a useful alternative to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Ingredients...

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Beech-Nut® Stage 2® DHA plus+™ Cereals

Artisan Gida San Tic Ltd Sti

Artisan Gida San Tic Ltd Sti provides wide range of food products which includes beech-nut® stage 2® dha plus+™ cereals . It's a product of beech-nut. Contact us for more information.

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Black bean powder

Hung Thong Food Technology Sdn Bhd

Hung thong food technology sdn bhd offers a wide range of refined powder / purified fats which includes black bean powder. Form: chinese medicine/vegetable powder. Contact us for more information.

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Black Eyed Beans

Revive Freeze Dry Products LLP

Revive Freeze Dry products LLP offers a wide range of products which includes Black Eyed Beans. It belongs to freeze dried products category. Applications: Cereals, snack bars, herbal, instant meal and soups, bakery, oils and dressings, culinary ingredients, nutraceuticals, fruit snaking, salads, seasoning, e...

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Agroseedex Ltd.

Buckwheat, FOB or CIF, 

Packing: in PP bags
Origin: Ukraine
Quantity: 100 Metric Ton
Delivery Period: one month advise notice

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Corn Flakes

Brenntag Kimya Tic. Ltd. Sti

BRENNTAG KIMYA TIC. LTD. STI. provides wide range of grain byproducts which includes corn flakes. Contact us for more information.

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Borges Mediterranean Group

Borges, S.A.U. offers wide range of products which includes farfalle. It is made from durum wheat semolina which is high in protein. It has 0% cholesterol and no trans fats. Contact us for more information.

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GABIO Rice Starch

Jiangxi Golden Agriculture Biotech Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi golden agriculture biotech co. offers GABIOSTA. It is ricestarch with pure flavor and excellent digestibility, it is also non-allergen,non-GMO. Rice starch particle is the smallest in all natural starch, with thesize of 2?m ~ 8?m and the majority shows irregular polygonal shape, andsignificant angular...

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Okayasu Shoten Co, Ltd

Our Gamma-oryzanol has been sold for thirty years as an ingredient of 'Hi-Z' sold by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for physicians' use.
The effectiveness, quality, and safety of this ingredient havebeen evaluated quite highly. Our market share of the Gamma-oryzanol preparation for curative medicine iscur...

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Guar Gum


Vedeqsa offers a wide range of other ingredients and commodities which includes guar gum. Contact us for more information.

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Virgin Nuts B.V.

Virgin Nuts produces (honey) coated nuts as a snack and as an ingredient (starting 4mm) for many applications such as ice cream, chocolate, bakery products, etc. Besides honey (for which Virigin Nuts is famous for) you can choose other base flavours, like caramel, maple, cinnamon, vanilla and gingerbread. Opt...

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Kindu Tallinn Fans

Shandong Jindu Talin Food Co., Ltd.

Shandong jindu talin food co., ltd.kindu tallinn fans. Contact us for more information.

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Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech Co., Ltd.

Liquid Ocean Minerals(LOM) concentrate containing standardized Magnesium > 40,000 ppm.Balanced magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), and potassium (K) in their highly bioavailable ionic form with over 70 trace elements.

For sports performance, recovery, and rehydration.

brhrbrPacific Deep Ocean...

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Midwest Shippers Association

Midwest Shippers Association

Midwest Shippers Association member companies source and supply a wide range of the highest quality natural food grains, soy and oil seed products, and grain ingredients to their food manufacturers customers worldwide.   Midwest Shippers Association can refer you to companies that specialize i

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Natu-Oat 35-75 bx


Liquid oat syrup, obtained by the hydrolysis of oat flour using natural enzymes (GMO free). It is a dark orange colour, with an oat flavour and it is slightly sweet.

  • Labelling : Non refined oat syrup 
  • Uses : Dairy and vegetable products (drinks, yoghurts, etc.), biscuits,cereal-based ...
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    Oat de bran fibre 1/1 - pr1328

    Plantex SAS

    Plantex Sas offers wide range of products which includes oat de bran fibre 1/1 - pr1328. Application: cardiovascular - circulation, stress - sleep. Contact us for more information.

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    Organic Coix Protein

    JM Eternal International Co Ltd

    Organic Coix Protein

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    Original Chia ®

    Original Chia Wholesale ApS

    Original Chia ® is a natural product with a neutral taste and natural odour. When the seeds have been roasted they have a faint taste of nuts. However, when the seeds are mixed with other ingredients they have a completely neutral taste. Original Chia ® combines a series of healthy nutrients in a single food ...

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    Pea Dietary Fiber

    Yantai Oriental Protein Tech Co., Ltd

    Yantai Oriental Protein Tech offers Pea Dietary Fiber. Dietary fiber, as an essential nutrient of maintaining human health, has important physiological effects. It has won a reputation of “a cleaner of intestinal canal”. Dietary fiber can restrain the absorption of cholesterol. It an postpone and re...

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    Phyllanthus Amarus Extract 5% Bitters

    Vidya Herbs PVT Ltd

    Vidya Herbs PVT Ltd has a wide variety of herbal extracts for every industry which includes Phyllanthus extract 5% Bitters. It is 100% natural, and without solvent residues.
    Phyllanthus extract complies EU Regulations (PAH, Pesticides, ...).
    Botanical name: Phyllanthus amarus.
    Contact us for more i...

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