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Cocoa and Chocolate

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Hydrosol: whey can be turned into profitable new products

Hydrosol says it now gives cheese makers new possibilities. With Stabisol JOC stabiliser and texturing systems, rennet and acid whey can, claims the company, profitably be made into new products.

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Nestlé first in foods in 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Increasing the share of renewable energy by using solar panels, spent coffee grounds or wood chips to power its factories have helped Nestlé become No.1 in the 2017 DJSI.

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Unilever resumes palm oil purchases from IOI noting 'positive progress'

Following the update on the positive progress IOI has made on sustainability, Unilever has now resumed sourcing palm oil from IOI.

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The ‘Sweet’ Taste of Success

The ‘Sweet’ Taste of Success 

20 Sep 2017
Nestlé YOUth program targets 10 million young people

Nestlé YOUth program targets 10 million young people 

20 Sep 2017
Algatech wins non-GMO verification for powder, oleoresin

Algatech wins non-GMO verification for powder, oleoresin 

20 Sep 2017

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August Töpfer & Co. (Gmbh & Co.) KG

Walnuts are a real source of energy. Studies have already proven the positive effect for a healthier live.

Our long-standing and trustful relationships to producers enable us to deliver a high quality at a fair price. Our main sources are the USA which are known for being the main producer...

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Pistachio paste

Petrou Nuts S.A.

100% Greek pistachio kernel without additives and preservatives.

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Ingredients for desserts, ice creams and traditional cooking


Stabilizers, gluten and sugar free ingredients for desserts, ice creams and traditional cooking.

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Milk Fat Replacers

Fuji Oil Europe

* A wide and strongly growing variety of dairy products can be found on the market. In these products there is a tendency to substitute milk fat for vegetable fat.

Next to price and availability, nutritional aspects, constant quality and functional properties are reasons to replace mil...

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Cocoa Nibs / Kakaonibs

Fuchs & Hoffmann GmbH

Cocoa nibs
- conventional,
- certified
- organic
- sustainable
- single origin
- fine flavour

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Nutrafood-Food for Health

Nutrafood designs customized gluten-free, lactose free, hypoallergenic and no added sugar formulations. It is our primary purpose being able to offer healthy foods for those who suffer from intolerances, without sacrificing quality and goodness. Vegan. lactose free or hypoallergenic spread creams are the ...

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Sweetened Almond Paste

Hans Kaspar AG

Hans Kaspar AG provides a wide range of nut pastes products which includes sweetened almond paste. It is roasted almonds, sugar < 20? ground, viscous. Application: production of ice-cream and biscuits. It is used as a natural taste highlight in chocolate and yoghurt. Contact us for more information.

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CARUMA® [Carob powder for human food] is a natural ingredient for human food. It consists in flour obtained from carob pulp and has a unique flavour that enhances the aroma and taste of the final preparation. Applications: substitute for cocoa, chocolate, ice-creams and yoghourts, confectionery, pastry, roast...

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Coconut products

Neupert Ingredients GmbH

Coconut oil, Coconut sugar

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Göteborgs Food Budapest ZRT

We can supply you dark, milk and white chocolates in any industrial standard quality or tailormade to meet your requirement,

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Non-dairy Cream for Whipping

Scandic Food

Scandic Food offers four different Non-dairy creams for whipping – sweetened, unsweetened, flexible cream that both can be used whipped and as an ice cream base, and a Premium cream perfect for piping, where sharp lines and perfect peaks is needed.

It applies to all of our creams for whip...

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White Couverture thin UTZ

Chocolat Frey AG

Chocolat Frey AG offers a wide range of dark couvetures chocolate products which includes White Couverture thin UTZ. It is UTZ certified, very runny white couverture with Balanced milk flavour. It is ideal for use in Coatings for ice-cream products.

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Eljap B.V.

Ginger only

Ginger Syrup, 
Ginger on Syrup
Crystallized ginger
Pickeled ginger
Fresh ginger

regular and organic

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BESTMIX Recipe management software

Adifo Software

BESTMIX Recipe management software is an agile package that supports food industry R&D departments, QA units and product managers from first concept to final specifications. 

Creating innovative and competitive products, this user-friendly NPD software supports you through each s...

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Whole Milk Powder

Lactalis Ingredients

Lactalis Ingredients is the supplier of milk powders (skimmed and whole) for food industries. 
Whole milk powder is obtained by spray-drying pasteurised milk. It contains between 26% and 40% milk fat (by weight) on an “as is” basis. Vitamin fortification of whole milk powder is also possible.

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Coffee extracts

Jean Gazignaire SAS

Our coffee oleoresins and extracts range is rich and non-exhaustive ; It offers many different coffee taste, coming from a selection and blending of different coffee origins (Arabica, Robusta), various roasting degrees, to be able to create the...

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Organic Sugar - Quality & origin guaranteed


Organic sugar is extracted from sugarcane from crops organically cultivated and with environmentally friendly procedures, which results in a practical sugar for consumption and conservation and which maintains all the nutritional properties of sugar.

It is worth mentioning that our organic sug...

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Chocolate Malt Powder/ Malted Beverage Powder

Custom Food Group

Our Custom-MaltCoco features a classic blend of malt, cocoa, milk and sugar. Providing a rich, chocolaty malt taste with the added advantage of a wholesome nutritious value, the powder is used in a variety of food products such as beverage, bakery and confectionery. 

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Dry Ingredients & Dry Ingredient Systems

Döhler GmbH

Comprehensive, interdisciplinary, integrated Discover Döhler's portfolio for Dry Ingredients & Dry Systems
Be it for cereal bars, breakfast biscuits or chocolate heaven – our Dry Ingredients & Dry Systems impress with their irresistible taste, shining colours and tasty mouthfeel. Win over your...

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Chocolate coated products

Paulino Solanellas, SL

We produce chocolate coated products (extruded cereals and nuts) to be used as toppings or decorations in confectionnery, dairy and bakery industries.

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Cocoa powder

Nederland / Moner

We offer a wide range of natural and alkalized cocoa powders, with a variety of pH, colours and percentages of cocoa butter.

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Food, Beverages & Ingredients


In Food & Beverage and ngredients, health, taste, all-natural and convenience are key drivers in consumers’ food preferences and selection. Changing consumer demands and recent regulatory interventions have impacted the R&D landscape of this market sector significantly, and still do. For example, suga...

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Polyethylene sacks, tubular film, plain film

Stempher Paper Sacks & PE Packaging

Polyethylene sacks, tubular film, plain film; coextruded film for various food applications.

Stempher is certified for both ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP: BRC/IoP and is perfectly equipped to produce these challenging packaging materials.

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Rhumveld, Winter & Konijn B.V.

Rhumveld Winter & Konijn offers a complete assortment of conventional and organic superfoods:- Açai powder- Amaranth- Baobab powder- Barley grass powder- Cacao butter drops- Cacao liquor drops- Cacao nibs- Cacao powder- Camu camu powder- Chia seeds- Chia meal- Coconut sugar- Goji berries- Golden berries /...

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Innovative Dry Dairy Compounds

Druits Dry Dairy Compounds

Our dry dairy compounds with real fruit content are a revolution in the production of fruited dairy products, giving producers the ability to transport and store their fruited compounds at room temperature, avoiding the need for complicated and costly refrigeration. Additionally, our compounds have a shelf li...

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Raw dried superfoods

Villa Andina

Villa andina offers a wide range of products which includes raw dried superfoods. Feature: it ensures the preservation of the natural characteristics of the fresh product, and its nutritional and organoleptic properties. Contact us for more information.

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Natural cocoa powder

Wuxi Taihu Cocoa Food Co Ltd

Wuxi taihu cocoa food co ltd offers a wide range of products which includes natural cocoa powder. Packing: 25kgs/bag. In wovenbags lined with polythene. Contact us for more information.

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White chocolate coated popping candy

Hleks Gida San Ve Tic AS

Hleks Gida Sa.n ve Tic. A.S. offers a wide range of bulk products which includes White chocolate coated popping candy. Contact us for more information.

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Organic Herbal Extracts

Vidya Europe SAS

Our Organic Herbal Extracts range is certified by ECOCERT as per European Organic Standards. The following standardized extracts are available:

     - Turmeric Extract 3% - 95% Curcuminoids (powder/granule/oïl/emulsion)     - Ginger Extract 2% - 5% Ginge...

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CF-668 Rainbow Cocoa Lite®

ADM International Sarl

ADM wide range compound coating products under Rainbow™ chocolate-flavoured and pastel coatings MERCKENS® brand category which includes rainbow cocoa lite®. It substitutes cocoa powder and vegetable oil for chocolate liquor and cocoa butter. It is a rich milk chocolate flavored coating. Colour: Med. light. Ap...

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