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Research provides evidence for the naturality of stevia

New research published in the International Journal of Food Science and Technology found steviol glycosides are not altered during the extraction and purification process to make high-purity stevia extract.

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ADM buys French sweeteners, starches company

ADM has completed the acquisition of Chamtor, a French producer of wheat-based sweeteners and starches, expanding itsglobal sweetener and starch footprint.

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Mintel: 2016 saw 13 billion litres of ice cream sold

Ice cream saw global sales of 13 billion litres in 2016 with India, Indonesia and Vietnam among the fastest growing markets, according to new research from Mintel.

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Mondelēz continues growth, well-being journey with launch of Véa

Mondelēz continues growth, well-being journey with launch of Véa 

27 Jul 2017
Azelis to acquire ANZ chemicals, ingredients supplier

Azelis to acquire ANZ chemicals, ingredients supplier 

27 Jul 2017
Mintel: German superfood launches increasing rapidly

Mintel: German superfood launches increasing rapidly 

27 Jul 2017

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Vanifolia™ Bean natural solutions


Vanifolia™ Bean is a natural solution based on vanilla beans.  In Europe, it can be labeled as natural vanilla flavor, a huge feature to match Food industry growing needs in terms of Natural ingredients. Contact us for more information.

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Ud Crops Egypt

We provide high quality products that meet our customers' satisfactionWe have set-up the most modern and integrated dehydration facility in the midst of a large onion and vegetables growing area. These are harvested at the peak of maturity, flavor and taste and quickly transported to our processing facility. ...

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BGG Europe Sa

licorice powders and blocks (deglycyrrhizinated licorice or conventional), licorice flavonoids and licorice derivatives such as food grade monoammonium glycyrrhizinate.

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Basic Yeast Extract(Paste)

Angel Yeast Co. Ltd

Angel Yeast Extract Basic Series is a kind of spray dying yeast extract made from autolysate baker’s yeast.  It can enhance the flavor, improve mouthfeel and provide natural taste to food. Applications: bouillons, soups, sauces and gravies, ready meals, meat products, fish products, crackers, chips,...

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Vanilla Replacers

Flavorchem Corporation

• Helps reduce cost without compromising flavor
• Can be used anywhere a pure vanilla extract would be used
• Contains real vanilla providing an authentic flavor profile
• Offers supply stability and consistent quality over pure vanilla extract

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Protein Functionality


A successful product requires good taste, stability and shelf life. To achieve this, the functional properties of proteins (dairy, animal and plant), such as structure, texture, taste, stability and flavour, are essential. Our expertise in protein functionality combined with the ability to understand which ta...

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ENNAROM: a wide range of natural aromatic molecules


ENNAROM: a wide range of natural aromatic molecules

Acids, esters, lactones, aldehydes, ketones … ENNAROM consists of an extensive range of natural aromatic molecules, with unique taste and olfactory characteristics that may come in many formulations. All certified Kosher and Halal, the ENNA...

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Tom Yum Infused Oil

Nithi Foods Co Ltd

Nithi Foods Co., Ltd offers a wide range of fried products which includes tom yum infused oil. Contact us for more information.

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Sodium Succinate Japan

Pure Chemicals Co Ltd

Pure chemicals co., ltd offers a wide range of flavour enhancer which includes sodium succinate japan. Packing: 20 kgs/box. Contact us for more information.

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Coffee Mix

Republic Foods Co., Ltd.

Wake up Brand

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Soy Lecithin Liquid Non-GMO

Sun Nutrafoods

Emulsithin® S-60 Soy Lecithin is produced from clean, healthy, and best-chosen 100% Non-GMO Indian Soybeans, which has versatile, multifunctional, and unique properties in various food, feed, and pharmaceutical applications.

Emulsithin® S-60 Soy Lecithin has been found very useful ...

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Scelta Taste Accelerator

Scelta Mushrooms

Scelta Taste Accelerator (STA) uses the natural power of umami to increase flavour and reduce sodium in processed foods. Umami, the fifth basic taste, gives food a full, longer lasting taste while working in a synergy with other basic tastes. Furthermore, Umami flavour compounds, which are naturally prese...

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Turmeric Oleoresin - SCFE(Co2) Extract

Ozone Naturals

Turmeric Oleoresin

(Botanical name : Curcuma Longa L)

CAS#: 129828-29-1

Ozone Naturals is manufacturer of 100% Natural Turmeric Oleoresin extracted from best forms of turmeric.

Solvent free produce of Green technology ...

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Wintermelon Flavor

Golden Frog Flavor Fragrance Manufacture Corporation

Golden Frog Flavor Fragrance Manufacture Corporation offers a wide range of products which includes wintermelon flavor. Features: white gourd, caramelised and sweet. Type: liquid/powder. Contact us for more information.

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IOI Loders Croklaan Oils Sdn Bhd

IOI Loders Croklaan Oils Sdn. Bhd. offers wide range of products which includes shortfat. Features: it is used in baking products. Contact us for more information.

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Maxfry® Function

Maxfry GmbH

Maxfry GmbH provides wide range of products which includes Maxfry® Function. It can be used in any vegetable oil product. When used in rapeseed oil there is no obligation to declare.

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Probierset hemp bio foods cookbook

Hempro International GmbH & Co. KG

Hempro International Gmbh & Co. Kg provides wide range of food products which includes probierset hemp bio foods cookbook. Packaging: 100 ml of organic hemp oil, cold pressed. Contact us for more information.

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Butter & Anhydrous Milkfat

Alpha Group of Companies - Holland

Below you will find a list of most of the butter and butter oil products we can offer you:
- Anhydrous milkfat (AMF) IDF 2.1 packed in new steel drums of different sizes, varying from 190 - 210 kg net weight each.

- Unsalted Lactic Butter packed in strong cartons of 25 ...

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BESTMIX Recipe management

Adifo NV

BESTMIX Recipe management software is an agile package that supports food industry R&D departments, QA units and product managers from first concept to final specifications. 

Creating innovative and competitive products, this user-friendly NPD software supports you through each s...

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Flavour and Flavour Enhancers

Fine Tech Ingredients Co Ltd

Fine Tech Ingredients Co., Ltd provides wide range of flavour and flavour enhancers for specific requirements of food industries.

We are an exclusive agent of Biorgin and Huegli in Thailand. Contact us for more information.

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Walnut oil

La Tourangelle S.A.S.

La Tourangelle's walnut oils are available virgin, refined or in tailored blend.Produced and conditionned directly in our plant in the Loire Valley in 5lt, 25lt, 200kg, 1000lt IBC or full tank. Control of Deodorisation and Winterising during refining provide our refined oil high quality performance. Know how ...

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Yeast Extract

Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences Limited

As principal ingredients, the Yeast Extract contain amino acids, nucleotides, minerals, and vitamins and are used as food ingredients and microbial culture media. According to the current classification of food and food additives, yeast extracts are classified not as a food additive but as food, like soy...

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Mix Golden Syrup - Freshness & texture in your products


It is syrup made of sugar and inverted sugar, without decolourisation, with treacle and with a caramelised flavour. It has become a very popular sweetener, perfect for industrial pastry and bakery products due to its properties.

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Coffee non-dairy creamer

Hubei Homeyard Food Co Ltd

Hubei Homeyard Food Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes coffee non-dairy creamer. Features: it gives excellent whitening result. It gives milky & creamy taste. Contact us for more information.

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HVP (Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein)

GeTeCe Co., Ltd.

Getece co. ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes hvp (hydrolyzed vegetable protein). It belongs to flavor enhancer category. Grade: standard, cell wall, low salt/ high salt, high glutamic acid, katsuo type. Contact us for more information.

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Essentia Protein Solutions

ProFlavor™ gives you a range of powerful flavours, spanning across turkey, chicken, pork and beef. Developed from Essentia’s own natural broths, ProFlavor™ is carefully prepared through enzymatic processes, resulting in outstanding powerful taste performance, delivering a close to complete flavour profile for...

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Ajinomoto Co (Thailand) Ltd

Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. Offers a wide range of taste and flavor enhancer which includes tencho. It is taste and flvor enhancer both it is used in food industries such as canned food, snack, further processed meat, seafood product, etc. Contact us for more information.

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Pumpkin Seed Oil

All Organic Treasures GmbH

The green pumpkin seed oil with ist intense taste is mainly oil from roasted pumpkin seeds. The unroasted oil is a specialty too though.

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Flaxseed oil

Vital Life Pharmaceutical Inc

Vital life pharmaceutical inc offers wide range of products which includes flaxseed oil. Function: it is good source of omega-3 fatty acids for the maintenance of good health. It improves skin collagen, thus make the skin smoother, moister, softer and more elastic. It facilitates the skin to breath and increa...

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Astaxanthin Oil 5%

AstaMAZ NZ Ltd

Astamaz nz ltd offers a wide range of products which includes natural astaxanthin oil 5%. Feature: it is produced from the supercritical fluid extraction of dried haematococcus pluvialis algae flake with co2 gas. Apprearance: dark red oil with a characteristic marine, seaweed smell (algae). Packaging: extract...

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