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Flavour Enhancers

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Hydrosol: whey can be turned into profitable new products

Hydrosol says it now gives cheese makers new possibilities. With Stabisol JOC stabiliser and texturing systems, rennet and acid whey can, claims the company, profitably be made into new products.

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Nestlé first in foods in 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Increasing the share of renewable energy by using solar panels, spent coffee grounds or wood chips to power its factories have helped Nestlé become No.1 in the 2017 DJSI.

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Unilever resumes palm oil purchases from IOI noting 'positive progress'

Following the update on the positive progress IOI has made on sustainability, Unilever has now resumed sourcing palm oil from IOI.

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The ‘Sweet’ Taste of Success

The ‘Sweet’ Taste of Success 

20 Sep 2017
Nestlé YOUth program targets 10 million young people

Nestlé YOUth program targets 10 million young people 

20 Sep 2017
Algatech wins non-GMO verification for powder, oleoresin

Algatech wins non-GMO verification for powder, oleoresin 

20 Sep 2017

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Essentia Protein Solutions

ProFlavor™ offers a wide range if powerful flavouring solutions for beef, chicken pork and turkey. It provides added value to savoury applications by maximizing taste at minimal cost. Our cost-effective, protein based meat flavours are completely soluble and injectable, making them a practical solution in...

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Silvateam Food Ingredients S.r.l.

With over 30 years of experience, Silvateam manufactures Tan’Activ®, a line of tannic acids, also known as gallotannins, extracted from renewable sources such as gallnuts and tara pods.
Widely used in the wine industry as clarifying agents, colour stabilisers and taste enhancers, they can also foste...

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Leiber Marmite product range

Leiber GmbH

These dark pastes from brewers’ yeast are customized taste profiles. They provide the favoured “yeast taste” to Marmite or Vegemite products.

Please contact us for more Information.

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SANACEL add 042

CFF GmbH & Co. KG

SANACEL add 042 - A new innovation used in processed meat products instead of phosphates

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Grande Selection

AIT Ingredients

AIT ingredients offers a wide range of aromatic products:- GRANDE SELECTION WHEAT N°1: lactic/cereal notes. Reinforces the flavour of butter in pastries or brings a delicate flavour to baguette style breads. - GRANDE SELECTION WHEAT N°2: toasted notes, subtly sour and sweet/savory. Provides a w...

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Biotaste - Specific Taste Notes


Biorigin  offers a wide range of food products which includes Biotaste line of specific taste notes. Derived from yeasts and yeast extracts Biotaste fulfills the demand for culinary specific taste notes, providing body, mouthfeel and natural Umami enhancement.Use Biotaste BE for beef note, Biotaste CH fo...

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Mustard Seeds Essential Oil


Mustard Seeds Essential Oil

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Vanifolia™ Bean natural solutions


Vanifolia™ Bean is a natural solution based on vanilla beans.  In Europe, it can be labeled as natural vanilla flavor, a huge feature to match Food industry growing needs in terms of Natural ingredients. Contact us for more information.

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B.M.P. Bulk Medicines & Pharmaceuticals GmbH

ATPURE®, pure ATP, supplies highly-strained muscles in a few seconds with additional high-energy phosphates which the body is unable to provide immediately.

Thus within a few minutes, ATPURE® doubles muscular performance capacity, increases blood supply as well as muscle growth and leads to outsta...

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L-glutathione reduced

Golden Health Technology Co., Ltd

Golden Health(Foshan)Technology Co.,Ltd offers wide range of products which includes l-glutathione reduced. It maintains and enhances the unique flavor of seafood and meat; prevents oxidation of dairy products; prevents brown stain of fruits and vegetables in food and beverages, maintains the original attract...

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The Tomato Dream team

Lycored SARL

A range of real food ingredients, 100% tomato (foodstuff) for taste and texture enhancement, particularly effective for use in tomato based products such as sauces, condiments, dressings and ready meals.SANTE, a natural provider of umami and kokumi taste impacts to provide deliciousness naturally.Clear Tomato...

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Nutrafood-Food for Health

Nutra-Zuc ​​is an innovative cost saving ingredient. 100% natural, its lasting brilliant green stays stable throughout the time, winning the remarkable oxidation stability.
So, it is perfect to use in all the basil, pesto, for green dressing. In pistachio based semi-finished products, it offers an ext...

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Buffered lactic acid


JINDAN Europe bv offers wide range of lactic acids and lactates such as buffered lactic acid. Contact us for more information.

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Yangzhou Joyvo WeiKem Biology Co Ltd

Yangzhou Joyvo WeiKem Biology Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes Pullulan DuoLux series. Features: it can be added directly to food as food additive or be used to produce food package material. It is an ideal replacement of traditional starch in low calorie foods. Contact us for mor...

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CARUMA® [Carob powder for human food] is a natural ingredient for human food. It consists in flour obtained from carob pulp and has a unique flavour that enhances the aroma and taste of the final preparation. Applications: substitute for cocoa, chocolate, ice-creams and yoghourts, confectionery, pastry, roast...

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Ud Crops

PARTICLE SIZE: 2% max. On us 45 / tyler 42 / .355 mm;  25% max. On us 80 / tyler 80 / .180 mm;  50% max. On us 100 / tyler 100 / .150 mm.  
ANALYTICAL:  Moisture: 5% Maximum.  Foreign Matter:        NIL.  Sieve Analysis:  ...

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Univar Food Ingredients

A wide portfolio of salt ingredients. 

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Coconut Milk Powder

Hainan Nicepal Industry Co Ltd

Hainan Nicepal Industry Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes coconut milk powder.Coconut is the symbol of hainan,and coconut milk has reputation of plant milk.Nicepal Coconut powder is selected from hainan fresh coconut,made by the world's most advanced spray-drying technology and processi...

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Taste Platter

Solina Belgium AG/ NV

Solina Belgium AG/ NV offers a wide range of products which includes taste platter. Features: it is used in snacks, sauces, soups, ready-meals, pastas, pizzas etc. It is made up of cheese flavouring and flavoured cheese preparations. Contact us for more information.

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Fruit and vegetable products


Various fruits and vegetables (frozen, concentrated, dried), Fruit and vegetable extracts and powders 

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Milk Yogurt Essence

Nanchang Tellcan Food Science & Technology Co Ltd

Nanchang tellcan food science & technology co ltd offers a wide range of series which includes milk yogurt essence. Features: it is used in beverages, cold drinks, dairy products. Contact us for more information.

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Size : 8 To 15 M.MPlace of Origin : Gujarat IndiaColor : WhiteAroma : Strong Aroma Represents Indian Origin ProductPacking : 14 Kg. Strong Poly Bag Inside Paper BagQualities : A-Grade, Commercial Grade

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BESTMIX Recipe management software

Adifo Software

BESTMIX Recipe management software is an agile package that supports food industry R&D departments, QA units and product managers from first concept to final specifications. 

Creating innovative and competitive products, this user-friendly NPD software supports you through each s...

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Whole Milk Powder

Lactalis Ingredients

Lactalis Ingredients is the supplier of milk powders (skimmed and whole) for food industries. 
Whole milk powder is obtained by spray-drying pasteurised milk. It contains between 26% and 40% milk fat (by weight) on an “as is” basis. Vitamin fortification of whole milk powder is also possible.

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Basic Yeast Extract(Paste)

Angel Yeast Co Ltd

Angel Yeast Extract Basic Series is a kind of spray dying yeast extract made from autolysate baker’s yeast.  It can enhance the flavor, improve mouthfeel and provide natural taste to food. Applications: bouillons, soups, sauces and gravies, ready meals, meat products, fish products, crackers, chips,...

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Enzybel S.A.

APPLICASE® is a liquid preparation of purified bromelain, standardized with sorbitol. Bromelain is extracted from the pineapple stem. The ability to break down a wide range of protein tissues, leads to an endless series of applications such as chill proofing of beer, meat tenderizing, gluten trans...

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Soft treacle - Tradicional smell & colour in your products


This syrup is directly extracted by grinding the sugarcane, and it provides your products an original colour and flavour.

The result is a liquid highly viscous product, free of impurities and froths, which provides your products an original colour and flavour.
It is ...

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Peanut oil

American Peanut Council

Peanut oil is naturally free from trans fats and cholesterol and is one of the healthiest oils available. It contains a nutritious blend of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids that like olive oil and has the potential to reduce cholesterol levels and help decrease the risk of heart disease. Peanut...

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BGG Europe Sa

licorice powders and blocks (deglycyrrhizinated licorice or conventional), licorice flavonoids and licorice derivatives such as food grade monoammonium glycyrrhizinate.

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Vanilla Replacers

Flavorchem Europe Kft.

• Helps reduce cost without compromising flavor
• Can be used anywhere a pure vanilla extract would be used
• Contains real vanilla providing an authentic flavor profile
• Offers supply stability and consistent quality over pure vanilla extract

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