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Flavours and Spices

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Hydrosol: whey can be turned into profitable new products

Hydrosol says it now gives cheese makers new possibilities. With Stabisol JOC stabiliser and texturing systems, rennet and acid whey can, claims the company, profitably be made into new products.

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Nestlé first in foods in 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Increasing the share of renewable energy by using solar panels, spent coffee grounds or wood chips to power its factories have helped Nestlé become No.1 in the 2017 DJSI.

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Unilever resumes palm oil purchases from IOI noting 'positive progress'

Following the update on the positive progress IOI has made on sustainability, Unilever has now resumed sourcing palm oil from IOI.

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Symrise gets millennials' perspective on vanilla

Symrise gets millennials' perspective on vanilla 

21 Sep 2017
ADM, Mayo Clinic to collaborate on personalised nutrition

ADM, Mayo Clinic to collaborate on personalised nutrition 

21 Sep 2017
Frutarom BU Health launches new fruit-based delivery system

Frutarom BU Health launches new fruit-based delivery system 

21 Sep 2017

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Diafood GmbH

These small, bright red peppers with their sweet flavour are grown in Spain, one of the biggest consumers of this spice.

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Colin Ingredients

This mix is part of the Garden Shake trend: inspired by the natural trend, they add a slight twist to popular healthy ingredients to create even more delicious flavours! A perfect mix for delicious sun-filled recipes. The freshness of the lemon and safflower is complemented by the cooked flavour of the onion.

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Dehydrated Pink Onion Powder

Lalsai Dehy Foods (LD Food)

Dehydrated White Onion Kibbled

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Leiber Marmite product range

Leiber GmbH

These dark pastes from brewers’ yeast are customized taste profiles. They provide the favoured “yeast taste” to Marmite or Vegemite products.

Please contact us for more Information.

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Precooked Quinoa

Sprouted Proteins S.A.C.

Plain precooked quinoa made from 100% quinoa grain. Product can be also offered with mushrooms and spices for adding natural flavor.

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Tannic Acid

Roeper C.E. GmbH

Roeper C.E. GmbH offers a wide range products under miscelleneous category which includes tannic Acid. Contact us for more information.

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Afghanistan Dry Fruits

Omaid Bahar

Omaid Bahar can supply below Afghan dry fruits:

  • Almonds
  • Pistachio
  • Walnuts
  • Dry Apricots
  • Raisins
  • Fried Black Peanuts

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Blackcurrant fruit cream (carton)

Cherry Rocher Industrie

Blackcurrant fruit cream provides a palette of flavours and colours of natural, intense, varied fruits. Packaging in carton - length: 27 cm, width: 18.5 cm, height: 30 cm, gross weight: 8.7 kg, number of articles: 6 (19 per layer).

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High Fat Powder/Lipid Powder

Custom Food Group

High Fat Powder consist of a stable source of vegetable fats and emulsifiers in powder form with fat content up to 80%. With good emulsion stability , they are an optimal fat source in food mixes and baking products. 
Features : Impart creaminess and whitening effectFexibility in fat source ( ava...

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Dehydrated vegetables,fruits and spices

Yancheng Hengding Native Products Co.Ltd

-Dehydrated garlic flakes/Dehydrated carrot/Dehydrated tomato/Dehydrated chive/Dehydrated onion/Dehydrated potato/Dehydrated ginger/Dehydrated Apple/Anise star/Dry Chili......
-GMO and Colorant free
-Specification:Moisture:7-8% Max.SO2:10PPM Max.TPC:100,000-500,000 Max.
Packed in bulk,outside by cart...

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BROMEX POLAND Sp. z o.o., Sp. k.

Product obtained through the hulling of red millet grain. The raw material is obtained both from Polish crops and from farms in Eastern Europe, characterised by the highest standards. We issue allergen declarations on the customer’s request.

Available as:

– proso millet grain


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Mustard Seeds Essential Oil


Mustard Seeds Essential Oil

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mabin Yentafour sauce

Thai Roong Rueng Chilli Sauce Co Ltd

Made with top-quality pickled bean curd which brings out the robust flavours, aroma and colours that blend perfectly well to tempt the food lover. This recipe has undergone various stages of trials and development before finally becoming the Yentafour Sauce that it is today. Rich, intense, thick in its co...

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Vanifolia™ Bean natural solutions


Vanifolia™ Bean is a natural solution based on vanilla beans.  In Europe, it can be labeled as natural vanilla flavor, a huge feature to match Food industry growing needs in terms of Natural ingredients. Contact us for more information.

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Food Flavours - emulco

Matrix Flavours & Fragrances Sdn Bhd

An emulco is paste form of a flavour, which enables us to incorporate more natural solid ingredients. These flavours are typically used in applications that involve heating, and are excellent in bakery and confectionery products.

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KH Roberts Pte Ltd

Kh Roberts Pte Ltd. offers wide range of food flavours which includes seafood. It is available in liquidform. Type: shrimp, seafood, fishy. Contact us for more information.

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Fruit and vegetable extracts `”All Natural”` (new)


Color + flavor (100% natural solutions), extracted of fruits and vegetables for the food industry.

For more information contact us.

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B.M.P. Bulk Medicines & Pharmaceuticals GmbH

In April 2017 we have been certified by the officially recognized organic inspection body Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH (Code number DE-ÖKO-001) and are therefore an authorized trader for food ingredients and extracts in organic quality. We would like to mention some of our strongest extracts: ...

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Jiangyin Healthway Int. Trade Co Ltd

FEMA# 3803

CAS# 39212-23-2

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Golden Health Technology Co., Ltd

Golden Health(Foshan)Technology Co.,Ltd offers wide range of products which includes phloretin.Phloretin is extracted from apples, pears and other fruit peel and root bark of chalcone, pearl white crystalline powder, no moisture absorption, soluble in methanol, ethanol and acetone, almost insoluble in wate...

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BRHE 40% (BetaRichHopExtract)

Hopsteiner - Simon H. Steiner Hopfen GmbH

BRHE 40% is produced from natural hops by supercritical extraction with CO2. With its content of beta acids and essential hop oils, it has aromatic properties and can be dosed as a natural hop aroma or natural flavouring. Furthermore, beta acids are well known to have potent anti-microbial properties, and are...

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Herbarom® /colouring apple extract

Herbafood Ingredients GmbH

Herbarom® is the product of choice if you want to set an accent in colour and taste without having to use isolated colourings or flavourings. You can have significant marketing as well as declaration benefits with the apple extract Herbarom that offers a consumer friendly image. Lately, consumers demanded mor...

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Barley grass powder

ESG Kräuter GmbH


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Dehydrated Onion & Garlic Products

Maharaja Dehydration Pvt Ltd

Maharaja Dehydration Pvt. Ltd. one of the leading processor & exporters of "SORTEX" Cleaned Dehydrated Onions, Garlic, vegetables products in Mahuva/Gujarat, India,

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Organic potato starch

Aloja Starkelsen SIA

Organic Potato Starch is made exclusively from high-quality organic starch potatoes grown by our contract farmers in Latvia and Finland. Our production process is carefully designed and documented, and quality is the number one priority for our committed growers.

Organic potato starch is extracte...

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Lactic acid powder


Lactic acid can also be offered in powder form for all your mixtures and powdered products.

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UMAMI enhancer

Unitec Foods Co., Ltd.

UMAMI enhancer is a powdered Japanese sake including amino acid, nucleic acid, and organic acid. It increases salty taste of salt reduction food and gives fatty taste to low fat food. It gives a mask fishy odor. Contact us for more information.

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Yidu Chili

Qingdao Xiaonong International Trade Co. Ltd

Qingdao xiaonong international trade co provides wide range of products which includes yidu chili. Package: 25lb/carton or 25kg/bag. Contact us for more information.

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Paprika Oleoresin

Qingdao Scitech Perfume Co., Ltd

Qingdao Scitech Perfume Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes paprika oleoresin ws. Contact us for more information.

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Harraz For Food Industry & Natural Products

Medicinal Herbs, Spices and Kitchen Herbs, Cold Pressed Oils, Essential Oils, Hydrosols, Soaps, Bee Honey, Instant Drinks, and Dehydrated Fruits & Vegetables,

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