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Gelling Agents

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Study: eating insects instead of beef can help climate change

According to a study by the University of Edinburgh and Scotland’s Rural College, eating insects instead of beef could help tackle climate change by reducing emissions linked to livestock production.

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Firmenich responds to cyclone with vanilla solutions

Firmenich has introduced a new range of what it describes as sustainable and cost-effective natural vanilla solutions to support its customers in mitigating the impact of the Madagascar cyclone and the current record-high vanilla prices.

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Symrise opens Asia-Pacific Flavor Innovation and Technology Centre

Symrise opens Asia-Pacific Flavor Innovation and Technology Centre 

29 May 2017
Mintel: Italians are falling out of love with pasta

Mintel: Italians are falling out of love with pasta 

29 May 2017
Fonterra raises farmgate price, confirms earnings estimate

Fonterra raises farmgate price, confirms earnings estimate 

29 May 2017

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Pectin is a one of the most label friendly and versatile hydrocolloids. Due to excellent gelling and texturizing capabilities, combined with great flavour release, pectin is widely used in the fruit processing industry, for confectionery applications, as well as being the preferred stabilizer in yoghurt drink...

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Gomma Guar Gum (E412)


Faravelli offers a wide range of products which includes gomma guar gum (E412). Contact us for more information.

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Wondergel (Spreadable Agar-Agar)

Marine Hydrocolloids

Spreadable Agar-agar Type WONDERGEL is a unique functional ingredient obtained by transforming the rigid structure of native agar-agar with no chemical treatment to give a softer and creamy texture while still maintaining the natural benefits of seaweed fiber.

WONDERGEL is an excellent alter...

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Norevo Gmbh

Agar agar is a hot-water-soluble hydrocolloid, a natural gelling agent, and thickener with high gel strength levels that allow for the preparation of highly stable and thermoreversible gels for food applications and other industrial uses.
As a worldwide specialist in Agar-Agar, Norevo has a thorough knowle...

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Apple and Citrus Pectins

Herbstreith & Fox KG Pektin-Fabriken

Natural gelling agents to be used in the following applications fields:

  • jams and other fruit preparations
  • bakery products: bakestable fruit preparations, fruit fillings and glazes
  • confectionery, gum and jelly products
  • milk and soy products: fruit preparations, acidified milk stabilizat...
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    CEKOL® Family

    CP Kelco

    CMC Food, Cosmetics, Pharma and Industrial GradesbrhrbrCMC Food, Cosmetic and Pharma Grades

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    Edible gelatine


    GELITA supplies various types of gelatine product such as edible gelatine which is forms a thermo-reversible gel that melts in the mouth when in contact with water, thus giving a quite unique mouth feeling through intensive release of its aromas. These properties are not possessed by any other hydrocolloids. ...

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    FT84-12 Microwave UHT Add-on

    Armfield Limited

    The Armfield Microwave UHT/HTST unit has been developed for the rapid heating of various types of viscous, non-viscous and even non-homogeneous products. Product temperatures up to 160°C can be reached.

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    A2 Agar Agar Type BIOFLORA 700

    A2 Trading GmbH

    We are happy to offer you here a quality which was especially developed for the application in various forms of plant cultivation.
    The greatest possible absence of salts, acids, pesticides, herbicides or other potentionally pathogenic agents makes this special Agar Agar an excellent product for botanical ...

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    Ekay Kimya

    Ekay Kimya offers a wide range of gelling agrnts and stabilizers which includes alginate. Application: it is an anionic polysaccharide distributed widely in the cell walls of brown algae, where through binding with water it forms a viscous gum. In extracted form it absorbs water quickly; it is capable of abso...

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    Beauty Gummies


    Sugar Reduced beautry gummies with VERISOLbrhrbrComprising optimized Bioactive Collagen Peptides
    Improving skin elasticity, hydration and regeneration
    Fewer wrinkles and smooth skin
    Idal for beauty conscious people that love sweets

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    The Gelamyl range of potato-based modified starches gives you easy access to a wide variety of different textures for your gum and jelly-type confectionery products – from soft to hard and from elastic to brittle.

    Gelamyl starches offer a cost effective alternative to other more expensive g...

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    Guar gum powder (Natural)

    Indian Hydrocolloids

    Indian hydrocolloids offers a wide range of food products which includes guar gum powder (natural). It is the ground endosperm of the seeds of natural strains of the guar plant,cyamopsis tetragonolobus (family leguminosae). 

  • Application: thickening, emulsifying,  binding agent, stabilization, gel...
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    Rousselot Acido-Gel

    Rousselot-Darling Ingredients

    Rousselot-Darling ingredients offers a wide range of solutions which includes Rousselot Acido-Gel. Application: Marshmallows. This gelling agent allows you to manufacture stable acid marshmallows. It is composed of Rousselot®Gelatin and Pectin.
    - An all-in-one gelling and foaming system- Perfect stabi...

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    1 kg of gelatine

    Oy Roberts Ab

    Roberts offers a wide range of gelling agent powders which includes 1 kg of gelatine. It is of animal origin. Contact us for more information.

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    Acerola (Other products) 1,000 ltr

    Bayernwald Fruchteverwertung KG

    Packaging: Available in 1,000 ltr stainless steel container (reusable). Contact us for more information.

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    Agar Agar

    Roeper C.E. GmbH

    Agar Agar is a gelling agent in powder or strip form of a white to yellowish-greyish colour. Origin: Agar Agar is mainly produced in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Japan, Chile and China out of the red algae Gelidium and Gracellaria. Components: Agar Agar is a dried hydrophilic (water absorbent) colloid substance ...

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    Silva Extracts S.r.l.

    Silva Extracts S.R.L. offers wide range of food ingredients which includes aglupectin®. It is a full range of pectin. Contact us for more information.

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    Akucell cellulose gum

    AkzoNobel Salt

    Akzo nobel offers a wide range of products which includes akucell cellulose gum. It belongs to food category. Properties: Visosity and moisture control, water holding and reduction of syneresis, stabilization, mouth feel and high compatibility to other ingredients. Applications: It is used in bakery, salad dr...

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    Alginate is a natural polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweeds. It is mainly made up of guluronic and mannuronic acid units. It provides various alginates such as sodium alginates (E 401), potassium alginates (E 402), ammonium alginates (E 403), calcium alginates (E 404) and pga (E 405). It is a heat resi...

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    Alpha Ingredients S.r.l.

    Alpha offers a wide variety of products which includes alginates. It is a big family of natural hydrocolloids coming from seaweed. It is used as a stabilizer and thickener since many years in several food fields like meat and dairy products. Contact us for more information.

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    Kowa Europe GmbH.

    Kowa Europe GmbH. offers a wide variety of products which includes lactic acid esters of monoglyceride

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    Cassia gum powder


    Agro gums is a leading supplier of cassia powder which is manufactured from cassia seeds and cassia splits. It is a form of casia powder. It is the purified flour from the endosperm of the seeds of cassia tora and cassia obtusifolia which belong to the leguminosae family. It is used as thickener, emulsifier, ...

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    Citric Pectin

    Doce Aroma

    Commonly used as a thickener; form gels with excellent texture.

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    CitriFi, orange fiber

    Hela Spice

    Fiberstar Orange pulp fiber

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    Gum Acacia

    Alland & Robert

    Gum acacia is an exudation, coming from the Acacia trees. This natural product is obtained by the incision of the stems and branches of the Acacia. It is commonly known as E414 in the food industry. Other commonly used names for the gum acacia across the industry: Gum Acacia, Gum Arabic, Acacia Fiber. This na...

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    Gum Arabic

    Jumbo Trading Co., Ltd.

    Jumbo Trading Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes gum arabic. it is the natural gummy exuded obtained by tapping the branches of the acacia senegal tree and its closely related speciesh it is an essential element used in confectionery; bakery; beverages; encapsulated flavors; pharmaceutic...

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    Hydrocolloids, gums & gelling systems

    Brenntag Ingredients (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.

    Brenntag ingredients (Thailand) public co. ltd offers a wide range of products which includes hydrocolloids, gums & gelling systems. It belongs food and beverage category. Contact us for more information.

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    Hydrocolloids(guar gum, carob, tara)


    AIT Ingredients offers a wide range of products which includes hydrocolloids(guar gum, carob, tara). Dough Properties: Reduction of binders. Final product properties: Crust appearance and softness. Contact us for more information.

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    Locust Bean Gum

    Ingredients UK Ltd

    We supply a full range of Locust bean gum for the food-, petfood-, cosmetic and technical industries.
    Viscosities ranging from 400 cps - 3.000 cps
    refined LBG
    cold soluble LBG
    organic LBG
    specific blends

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