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Phöbener Chaussee 12 • 14542 Werder • 14542 • Werder (Havel) • Germany


About this company

Herbafood Ingredients GmbH is a competent supplier of high-quality food ingredients of plant origin. As a pioneer in the area of health-promoting enrichment of food we offer a comprehensive range of dietary fibres with focus on fruit-derived fibres. One of our preferred raw materials is the apple from which we obtain not only dietary fibres but also apple sweetener as well as colouring and flavouring apple extracts. Besides this we develop the right dietary fibre mix, the optimum sweetening concept or the innovative dietary supplement for your successful market presence.
Dietary fibres and apple extracts – two pillars of a natural and health-conscious diet.
Products which are in line with the philosophy of Herbafood are high in quality, honest in their raw materials and they add market value for our customers.
Please do take advantage of our experience and know-how!

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General contact information

Phöbener Chaussee 12 • 14542 Werder • 14542 • Werder (Havel) • Germany

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Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australasia, Americas, Africa, Central/South America
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Latest products


HERBACEL® Classic is obtained from freshly harvested apples (resp. citrus fruits) which are gently dried after extracting the juice (and oils). Carefully selected raw material is mechanically cleaned and milled to defined particle sizes. Herbafood offers a wide selection of different fruit fibres in vari...

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HERBACEL® Classic Plus

HERBACEL® Classic Plus is made of plant constituents especially rich in dietary fibre. Due to their function as supporting tissue, the dietary fibres of the Herbacel Classic Plus range contain a high proportion of insoluble cellulose and hemi-cellulose. Therefore, these products are especially suita...

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HERBACEL®-AQ® Plus / citrusfibre

HERBACEL®-AQ® Plus is a highly water binding citrusfibre (25g/g) wich is obtained from freshly harvested apples (resp. citrus fruits) which are gently dried after extracting the juice (and oils). Non-fibrous compounds such as plant-specific sugars, colouring and aroma components are carefully removed dur...

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HERBAPEKT® APE is produced by drum-drying liquid pectins. The resulting products contain approximately 25 % dietary fibres in the form of highly esterified pectins. Hence apple pectin extracts also possess the viscosity-increasing and gel-forming properties characteristic of pectins. Even more important howev...

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