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Firmenich responds to cyclone with vanilla solutions

Firmenich has introduced a new range of what it describes as sustainable and cost-effective natural vanilla solutions to support its customers in mitigating the impact of the Madagascar cyclone and the current record-high vanilla prices.

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Study: eating insects instead of beef can help climate change

According to a study by the University of Edinburgh and Scotland’s Rural College, eating insects instead of beef could help tackle climate change by reducing emissions linked to livestock production.

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Frutarom reports record quarter with net income up 56.9%

Frutarom reports record quarter with net income up 56.9% 

26 May 2017
Orkla licences acrylamide-reducing yeast

Orkla licences acrylamide-reducing yeast 

26 May 2017
EFSA maintains 1993 vitamin K dietary reference values

EFSA maintains 1993 vitamin K dietary reference values 

26 May 2017

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Super Foods

PAULA Sp. z o. o. Sp. k., Crispy Natural Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Super Foods are true heroes among new generation functional foods - products witch have an extraordinary power. natural, 100% fruit and vegetables. Super Foods are full of nutritional values, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, but most of all they are abundant in PROBIOTICS. Amidst the richest in nutritional v...

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Vigiis 101-LAB ( health ingredient dietary natural multi-function scientifically researched )

SunWay Biotech Co Ltd

Vigiis 101-LAB’s functions cover immunomodulation, reducing lipid accumulation, preventing gastric mucosal lesions, and dental caries inhibition. It is very adequate for dietary supplements or any foods and beverages..
Ingredient Information1. Live Cell Content: >10^11 CFU/g; customized content on ...

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Wondergel (Spreadable Agar-Agar)

Marine Hydrocolloids

Spreadable Agar-agar Type WONDERGEL is a unique functional ingredient obtained by transforming the rigid structure of native agar-agar with no chemical treatment to give a softer and creamy texture while still maintaining the natural benefits of seaweed fiber.

WONDERGEL is an excellent alter...

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Dl-malic acid,l-malic acid

Gremount International Company Limited

Gremount international company limited offers a wide range of products which includes dl-malic acid,l-malic acid. It belongs to acidulants category. Application: it is white crystals or white crystalline powder, soluble in water, alcohol and other organic solvent. Contact us for more information.

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43% Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp Oil Canada

Hemp Oil Canada offers a wide variety of products which includes 43% Hemp Protein Powder. Our 43% Hemp Protein Powder is an all-natural source of plant-based protein that is completley allergen free and gluten free, but rich in nutritional goodness. It can be added to power drinks, smoothies or yogurt; sprink...

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Bionap Srl

ACTRISAVETM contains Oryza sativa and Opuntia flower extracts which act in a synergistic way against acne and alopecia by strengthening antioxidant cell defense and protection against unbalanced hormonal effects (1).

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AD Cabbage Flakes

Qingdao Matsumoto Foods Co Ltd

Qingdao Matsumoto Foods Co.,Ltd offers a wide range of food products which includes dehydrated vegetables and spice. Pls contact us via for more information.

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Amla Extract 20% - 40% Tannins

Vidya Herbs PVT Ltd

Vidya Herbs PVT Ltd has a wide variety of herbal extracts for every industry which includes Amla extract from 20% to 40% Tannins. It is 100% natural, freely soluble in water, and without solvent residues. Available in organic form certified by Ecocert.
Botanical name: embilica offcinalis.
Amla extract ...

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Amla Extract 20% - 40% Tannins

Vidya Europe SAS

VIDYA EUROPE SAS has a wide variety of herbal extracts for every industry which includes Amla extract from 20% to 40% Tannins. It is 100% natural, freely soluble in water, and without solvent residues. Available in organic form certified by Ecocert.

Botanical name: embilica offcinalis.

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Apple and Citrus Pectins

Herbstreith & Fox KG Pektin-Fabriken

Natural gelling agents to be used in the following applications fields:

  • jams and other fruit preparations
  • bakery products: bakestable fruit preparations, fruit fillings and glazes
  • confectionery, gum and jelly products
  • milk and soy products: fruit preparations, acidified milk stabilizat...
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    Aquamin F


    • Bakery, cereals and snacks
    • Soya, rice and oat beverages
    • Pasta, noodles and porridge
    • Ice cream
    • Confectionery
    • Instant drinks
    brhrbr32% Ca, 2.2% Mg for solid and semi-solid foods

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    AstaReal® Astaxanthin Oil Extract

    AstaReal Co., Ltd.

    AstaReal Co., Ltd. provides wide range of astaxanthin products which includes standardized, high quality astaxanthin oleoresin produced by using a state of the art extraction technology. AstaReal® Astaxanthin Oil Extract is ideal for blending and easy to handle for soft capsule production.

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    Bbq sauce

    International Market Brands 

    International market brands provides wide range of condiments which includes bbq sauce. Contact us for more information.

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    Bee Product : Bee Pollen

    Norevo Gmbh

    Bee pollen is collected by Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) on all types of flowers and stored in the beehive.  Apart from nutritional properties, Bee Pollen is said to have a strengthening effect on the immune system, a lowering effect on cholesterol and a general ability to inhibit ailments. The combin...

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    Ingredion Europe, Middle East & Africa

    BIOLIGO® GL 5700 IMF GOS is a soluble dietary fibre made from lactose in the form of a syrup that contains 57% GOS (dry basis). To enable manufacturers to make an easy substitution of other GOS ingredients. BIOLIGO® GL 5700 IMF GOS is equivalent to the sugar profile of other forms of GOS already on the market...

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    Pharma Marine AS

    CalaMarine® is a unique ingredient for companies wanting to stand out in the omega-3 market. It’s an ecofriendly high DHA ingredient, certified as sustainable by Friend of the Sea. CalaMarine® is produced from the trimmings of food production of squid.

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    Calciane: Milk Calcium

    Lactalis Ingredients

    CALCIANE is a milk mineral concentrate with a high calcium content (30% on dry matter). As a natural source of calcium, CALCIANE is dedicated to the enrichment of food (dairy products, beverages, biscuits, ice cream…) and food supplements.

    CALCIANE is available either in standard or microni...

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    caramelized Peanut

    Lorenzati Group

    Lorenzati Group offers a wide range of products which includes caramelized Peanut. Contact us for more information.

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    Carnipure® L-Carnitine

    Lonza Ltd

    The Carnipure® product is high quality L-Carnitine, a nutrient essential for energy metabolism. Extensive research shows that the Carnipure® ingredient can play a beneficial role in many areas of health, such as sports nutrition, weight management and infant nutrition. Three decades of expertise...

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    CEKOL® Family

    CP Kelco

    CMC Food, Cosmetics, Pharma and Industrial GradesbrhrbrCMC Food, Cosmetic and Pharma Grades

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    Innov'Ia provides a wide range of solutions which includes coating. The coating consists in spraying a liquid layer on the surface of a particle. It provides protection for ingredients. This method also permits the improvement of the surface condition. This technology brings to the ingredients:

  • high preser...
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    Coconut Milk Powder

    Thai Food Product International Co., Ltd.

    It is dried creamy powder with natural coconut aroma. It can be simply mixed it with warm water to obtain coconut milk, and thickness is based on their mixing. You will get rich cream that is ideal for many kind of foods :
    - Curries
    - Desserts
    - Cocktail
    - Confectionery

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    Customized Mixes

    Stabilimento Farmaceutico "Cav. G. Testa" Srl

    Customized mixed: GTE standardized with Caffeine or Theobromine, GCE with 10% or 20% caffeine and many others

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    Esolv® OmegaH2O®

    Wedar Biotechnology Co .,Ltd

    1.Astaxanthin water soluble liquid/ powder 2.Omega 3 water soluble liquid/ powder3.Algae DHA water soluble liquid/ powder4.CoQ10 water soluble liquid/ powder  

    We utilize state of the art technology to convert fat soluble materials to cloudless water soluble without any emulsi...

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    Food Base Kft.

    Our passion at Food Base is to create and deliver flavours that bring taste sensations and value to our customers.

    Industries Food Base serves several industries:

    • Baking & Confectionery:  We offer sweet & fruity flavours wit...

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    FT174X Modular Miniature-scale HTST/UHT Process

    Armfield Limited

    The FT174X is a modular HTST/UHT processing system designed to treat products at flow rates of 12-40 l/hr or up to 60 l/hr for water (or similar low viscosity products).

    Standard modules for direct heating (steam injection) or indirect heating (using tubular and/or plate heat exchangers), asep...

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    Gellan Gum

    Inner Mongolia Rainbow Biotech Co.,Ltd

    Gellan gum is a kind of anionic linear polysaccharide, consists of a chain of repeat tetrasaccharide unit. They are formed by glucose, rhamnose and glucuronate. High acyl gellan gum at the same glucose unit has two kinds of acyl group (Acetyl and Glyceryl) . Each unit has a glyceryl, each two repeat unit...

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    Grape Inside


    Grape extracts by Activ'Inside are issued from different grape parts of the French Vitis vinifera L. variety. Activ'Inside offers a full range of traditional extracts, from simple to purified, issued from the winemaking process.

    Analytical expertise:
    Grape is mainly composed of polyphenols, from s...

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    Krill oil concentrate capsules - Superba™ Boost CAPS

    AkerBioMarine Antarctic

    Superba™ Boost Caps is the latest edition to the Superba™ Krill family, developed by Aker BioMarine`s exclusive technology called FlexiTech™. The company`s first krill oil concentrate contains significantly higher amount of phospholipids, omega-3s and choline.

    Backed by 4 EU authorized hea...

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    NOL, Nutraveris on line


    NOL, Nutraveris Online, is the most efficient data solution to create, keep up-to-date and launch your products in the 28 EU member states, used for 10years by more than 500 industry leaders.

    This collaborative and complete tool contains all Regulatory, Scientific and Marketing data:
    - It sol...

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