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Degebergaväge​n 60-20 • SE 291 91 • Kristianstad • Sweden •

Lyckeby Starch AB

About this company

Lyckeby Starch AB is a Swedish company offering value-adding starch - modified starch, clean label starch, dextrin, OSA starch, native/organic starch -  fibre and protein.

Our products are suitable in most applications: cheese, dairy, mayonnaise and dressings, soups and sauces, chilled/frozen ready-made meals, coating solutions, bakery, meat, fruit preparations and spray dried powders.

As our customer you will benefit from free application support, technical knowledge and expertise by our specialist team.

Our product portfolio is based on various raw materials. We specialize in products based on potato - our own raw material grown by farmers in the south of Sweden.  Lyckeby Starch was founded in 1927, celebrating 90 years in the food industry. Today our company has 500 employees and is represented in more than 40 countries and markets.

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General contact information

Degebergaväge​n 60-20 • SE 291 91 • Kristianstad • Sweden •

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Sales markets
Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, North America, Africa, Central/South America
Consulting services
Flavours and Spices
Stabilizers and Thickeners

Latest products

Lyckeby Careful clean label starch

Lyckeby Careful is a range of clean label specialty starches. They are declared without E numbers on the end product. Lyckeby Careful represents a unique range of high performing clean label starch that meets the food industry’s need for well performing functional clean label ingredients as well as the consum...

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Microlys is a range of high performing modified starches with excellent properties, based on selected potato starch. The Microlys modified starches gives a short, smooth and shiny texture. The products also provide a pleasant mouth feel and neutral taste. The Microlys starches are very process stable with a h...

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Lyckeby Keep

Lyckeby Keep is a speciality starch range used for production of spray-dried products. ?The speciality starches in the Lyckeby Keep range are designed for production of spray-dried products and cover broad range of applications: Coffee whiteners, Fat powders, Vitamins, unsaturated functional oils, Flavours. L...

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Potex is a fiber made from potatoes. Properties: High water holding capacity, stable at high as well as during freeze/thaw, High resistance to low pH, Stable at high and low temperatures, Withstands all types of processing: shearing, freezing, thawing, Naturally free from gluten and Rich in dietary fibers. Po...

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Lyckeby Potato Protein

Lyckeby Potato Protein is a nutritious, vegetable, non allergen protein.  This protein is a valuable ingredient for protein enrichment  of baked products or protein replacement in various meat based products.

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Opaset is our range of modified cook-up starches based on wheat starch. ?The Opaset starches provide a short, smooth and shiny texture. They replace wheat flour with many advantages such as stable texture, process tolerance and storage stability. Opaset starches provide the desired colour, taste and full-bodi...

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Potex Crown

Potex Crown is more finely ground version of Potex. Potex Crown are produced from the cell walls of potatoes via own patented process. No chemicals are added during this process. Contact us for more information.

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Swely Gel

Swely Gel is a cold-swelling modified starch range, based on potato starch. The Swely Gel starches are high performing in many different applications. The Swely Star products provide a pleasant mouth feel and a neutral taste. The Swely Gel starch products are made cold swelling by a special technique that pro...

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Swely Star

The Swely Star range is a group of well performing modified starches designed to give a pulpy appearance in food applications. ???The Swely Star range is high viscous and very neutral in taste. The products are based on potato starch. The Swely Star products are process stable with a high acid stability and a...

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The Trecomex range is a group if modified starches based on potato starch. ???The Trecomex speciality starch range includes cold-swelling as well as cook-up starches with excellent properties. The Trecomex range provides high viscosity, short texture, pleasant mouth feel and neutral taste to the end product. ...

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Lyckeby CheeseApp

A new range of specialty starches for processed cheese applications. 

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Trecomex Emulsion stabilizing OSA-starch

Specialty starches used to stabilize emulsions. 

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More about Lyckeby Starch AB

Latest news

Lyckeby signs with Ingredion for potato starch, waxy barley ingredients

Lyckeby signs with Ingredion for potato starch, waxy barley ingredients 

10 Aug 2017

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