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Can yeast rise to the challenge of curing cancer?

Modified baker’s yeasts cause an immune response and the production of lymphocyte killers, which detect and eliminate cancerous cells.

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Carrageenan growth forecast to slow

In spite of recording global sales of over 60,000 metric tonnes in 2016, Future Market Insights (FMI) predicts that the global demand for carrageenan gum will witness a considerable decline.

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Cargill introduces winegum texturizer

Cargill has introduced a texturizing solution that it says will enable European confectionery manufacturers to achieve optimal texture and transparency and reduce drying time by up to 50% for their gelatin-free winegum applications.

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Latest news

Frutarom reports record sales and profits

Frutarom reports record sales and profits 

28 Mar 2017
Mintel: Germany leads in vegan product innovation

Mintel: Germany leads in vegan product innovation 

28 Mar 2017
100% sustainable juice alliance formed

100% sustainable juice alliance formed 

28 Mar 2017

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Vanilla Extracts

Synthite Industries Ltd

From the tables of Aztec Kings to the freezers in your local ice cream store, the ancient flavour of Vanilla has come a long way. The unmistakably pleasant and subtle taste of Vanilla makes it one of the most popular flavours in the world.

By using a proprietary blend of handpicked Vanilla beans that...

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Aldehyde C16

Prinova Europe

Prinova offers a wide range of products which includes Aldehyde C16. It is a type of synthetic aroma chemicals. Grades: Chinese. Contact us for more information.

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Glucosamine HCl 95% DC

Watson, Inc.

Glucosamine HCl 95% DC

Product Code: F080609

Granulation of glucosamine hydrochloride and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose for direct compression applications. Each gram of product delivers 0.95 grams of glucosamine hydrochloride.

Granulations & Agglomerations:


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Bronson and Jacobs International Co., Ltd.

Bronson and jacobs international co., ltd provides wide range of infant nutrition products which includes aa. Contact us for more information.

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Acesulfame K

Acerchem International Inc

Acechem lianyungang imp. & exp. Co.,ltd offers a wide range of products which includes acesulfame k. It belongs to bakery, confectionery, dairy, beverage, meat, wine, flavours, fragrance, animal feed category. Contact us for more information.

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B.M.P. Bulk Medicines & Pharmaceuticals

Agmapure®  - The new generation of Arginine!

It is patented and regarded as one of the purest forms of agmatine sulphate as Agmapure® is produced in a natural fermentation process that guarantees a particularly pure and high-quality product.

For the ultimate pump in tra...

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Doehler Food & Beverage Ingredients (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Doehler food & beverage ingredients (shanghai) co., ltd. Offers a wide variety of flavor products which includes alcohol. It belongs to sensation category. Contact us for more information.

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ANKASCIN 568-R ( clinically researched health ingredient dietary red yeast rice natural multi-function no monacolin K)

SunWay Biotech Co Ltd

ANKASCIN 568-R, the cutting-edge red yeast rice extract, is scientifically proven to be effective in managing cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, and improving Alzheimer’s disease, etc.. It is very adequate for dietary supplements. Moreover, ANKASCIN 568-R has recently been approved as the NEW DIETARY I...

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Blended phosphate

Gremount International Company Limited

Gremount international company limited offers a wide range of products which includes blended phosphate. It belongs to phosphates category. Application: buffering capacity, sequestering effect, polyanionic functions, leavening agents, mineral enrichment, shelf life improvers, anti-caking agents. Contact us fo...

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Caterpillar fungus powder

Dr. Behr GmbH

Dr. Behr GmbH provides wide range of mushroom powders which includes caterpillar fungus powder. Contact us for more information.

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Imcd singapore provides wide range of products which includes cultures. Contact us for more information.

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Frutafit® inulin


Frutafit® inulin is a prebiotic, soluble dietary fibers with texturizing properties and a great taste that provide added health benefits. Frutafit® comprises a range of powdered inulin products with different technological properties. Properties: It increase the dietary fiber, weight management, flavour enhan...

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43% Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp Oil Canada

Hemp Oil Canada offers a wide variety of products which includes 43% Hemp Protein Powder. Our 43% Hemp Protein Powder is an all-natural source of plant-based protein that is completley allergen free and gluten free, but rich in nutritional goodness. It can be added to power drinks, smoothies or yogurt; sprink...

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Scheidegger Trading Co. Inc

Scheidegger trading co. Inc provides wide range of dried fruit & nuts which includes almonds. Contact us for information

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Kemin Food Technologies offers a wide variety of products which includes antimicrobials. Contact us for more information.

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Apple pie filling

International Market Brands 

International market brands provides wide range of baking and cooking products which includes apple pie filling. Packaging: can. Contact us for more information.

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Apricot kernels: bitter + sweet

Anabela Foods e.K.

Anabela foods e.k offers a wide range of product which includes apricot kernels: bitter + sweet. It belongs to nuts / nusskerne category. Contact us for more information.

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Benzyl isoeugenol

PT. Indo Aneka Atsiri

Pt. Indo aneka atsiri offers a wide range of aromatic chemicals which includes benzyl isoeugenoluses: it is flavoring agent in food and beverages. It is also used in cosmetic and personal care. Contact us for more information.

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Calcium Ascorbate

Hugestone Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Hugestone enterprise co. Ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes calcium ascorbate. Contact us for more information.

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Chicory soluble fibre


Cosucra Group Warcoing SA offers a wide range of products which includes Chicory soluble fibre. Fibruline® (inulin) and Fibrulose® (oligofructose) are soluble fibres obtained from chicory root. They are tasteless, odourless, soluble and easy-to-process. Contact us for more information.

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Innov'Ia provides a wide range of solutions which includes coating. The coating consists in spraying a liquid layer on the surface of a particle. It provides protection for ingredients. This method also permits the improvement of the surface condition. This technology brings to the ingredients:

  • high preser...
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    Esolv® OmegaH2O®

    Wedar Biotechnology Co .,Ltd

    1.Astaxanthin water soluble liquid/ powder 2.Omega 3 water soluble liquid/ powder3.Algae DHA water soluble liquid/ powder4.CoQ10 water soluble liquid/ powder  

    We utilize state of the art technology to convert fat soluble materials to cloudless water soluble without any emulsi...

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    Biosearch Life

    Eupoly-3® is the line of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)-rich ingredients. Thanks to a unique process designed by Biosearch Life, we are able to ultra-purify fish oils, preparing them to be incorporated, in a stable manner and with an excellent flavour, to dairy products, ...

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    FT102LT Carbonator/Filler

    Armfield Limited

    The Armfield FT102X has a well deserved reputation for being simply the best Carbonator-Filler on the market. The new Armfield FT102LT utilises the same technology and most of the features and benefits, in a smaller, more cost effective package.

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    Krill oil concentrate capsules - Superba™ Boost CAPS

    AkerBioMarine Antarctic

    Superba™ Boost Caps is the latest edition to the Superba™ Krill family, developed by Aker BioMarine`s exclusive technology called FlexiTech™. The company`s first krill oil concentrate contains significantly higher amount of phospholipids, omega-3s and choline.

    Backed by 4 EU authorized hea...

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    Ndc for baking

    Added International (S) Pte Ltd

    Added international (s) pte ltd provides wide range of food materials which includes ndc for baking. Best before: 18 months. Package: food grade plastic for inside, and paper bags for outside. It enhances water retention prolong shelf-life. Contact us for more information.

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    Nutri Sperse®

    ABF Ingredients

    Nutri Sperse®

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    Organic Certified Products

    A2 Trading GmbH

    We, the company A2 Trading, have a lot of products of 'ECO'-quality in our portfolio.
    Our particular strength is to be found in our close cooperation with certified contracted suppliers, who produce exclusively according to our strict specifications.

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    Organic Maca Powder

    Andean Grain Products

    Organic Maca Powder

    Grown in the Andean highlands of Peru at altitudes over 4,000 meters, Maca was once a staple supplement in the Incan diet. Maca energizes the human body and is rich in amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements, and minerals. Maca root is cleaned and then dried at low temp...

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    Zhengzhou Bainafo Bioengineering Co., Ltd

    NATURAL BEST BROAD-SPECTRUM ANTIMICROBIAL POLYMERAgainst moulds, yeasts, Gram-positive and especially Gram-negative bacteriaApplications: Rice/flour-based products, drinks, condiments, fruits and vegetables, meat products etc.Other name: ε-Polylysine , Epsilon PolylysineCAS Number: 28211-04-3MF: C6H12N2O (n=2...

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