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MISC Functional Additives

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Can yeast rise to the challenge of curing cancer?

Modified baker’s yeasts cause an immune response and the production of lymphocyte killers, which detect and eliminate cancerous cells.

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Carrageenan growth forecast to slow

In spite of recording global sales of over 60,000 metric tonnes in 2016, Future Market Insights (FMI) predicts that the global demand for carrageenan gum will witness a considerable decline.

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Cargill introduces winegum texturizer

Cargill has introduced a texturizing solution that it says will enable European confectionery manufacturers to achieve optimal texture and transparency and reduce drying time by up to 50% for their gelatin-free winegum applications.

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Latest news

Frutarom reports record sales and profits

Frutarom reports record sales and profits 

28 Mar 2017
Mintel: Germany leads in vegan product innovation

Mintel: Germany leads in vegan product innovation 

28 Mar 2017
100% sustainable juice alliance formed

100% sustainable juice alliance formed 

28 Mar 2017

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B.M.P. Bulk Medicines & Pharmaceuticals

Agmapure®  - The new generation of Arginine!

It is patented and regarded as one of the purest forms of agmatine sulphate as Agmapure® is produced in a natural fermentation process that guarantees a particularly pure and high-quality product.

For the ultimate pump in tra...

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Ammonium bicarbonate

Xiwang Group

Xiwang group offers a wide range of products which includes ammonium bicarbonate

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Cereal balls with popping candy

Hleks Gida San. Ve Tic. A.S

Hleks Gida Sa.n ve Tic. A.S. offers a wide range of bulk products which includes Cereal balls with popping candy. Contact us for more information.

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Innov'Ia provides a wide range of solutions which includes coating. The coating consists in spraying a liquid layer on the surface of a particle. It provides protection for ingredients. This method also permits the improvement of the surface condition. This technology brings to the ingredients:

  • high preser...
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    Esolv® OmegaH2O®

    Wedar Biotechnology Co .,Ltd

    1.Astaxanthin water soluble liquid/ powder 2.Omega 3 water soluble liquid/ powder3.Algae DHA water soluble liquid/ powder4.CoQ10 water soluble liquid/ powder  

    We utilize state of the art technology to convert fat soluble materials to cloudless water soluble without any emulsi...

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    Krill oil concentrate capsules - Superba™ Boost CAPS

    AkerBioMarine Antarctic

    Superba™ Boost Caps is the latest edition to the Superba™ Krill family, developed by Aker BioMarine`s exclusive technology called FlexiTech™. The company`s first krill oil concentrate contains significantly higher amount of phospholipids, omega-3s and choline.

    Backed by 4 EU authorized hea...

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    ABF Ingredients

    PAC-FRESH® is a dough strengthener and texture enhancer for baked products. It is made from rice-based ingredients and is a natural fat replacer. It improves dough machinability, flexibility and flavor. This product is bland and imparts no flavor of it’s own.

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    QRILL™ Pet

    Aker BioMarine

    QRILL™ PET is a 100% natural product, made only from whole dried Euphausia superba, an Antarctic krill species rich in the long chain omega-3s EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin and high quality protein. Recognized for its health-promoting suppress...

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    100% Fermentation Produced Chymosin - RENMAX

    Mayasan Food Industries A.S

    Mayasan gida san. Ve tic. As offers a wide range of coagulants/rennets products which includes 100% fermentation produced chymosin - renmax. Application: it is pure chymosin enzyme produced from special strains through controlled fermentation. Renmax® is available in several activities and in liquid and powde...

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    New Step Industry Co., Limited

    New step industry offers a wide range of food additives which includes acesulfame-k. It belongs to sweeteners category. Packaging: 25kg drum. Contact us for more information.

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    Agar Agar

    Brenntag Kimya Tic. Ltd. Sti

    BRENNTAG KIMYA TIC. LTD. STI. provides wide range of hydrocolloids which includes agar agar. Contact us for more information.

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    Akobake 29 (Shortening)

    AAK Turkey Gida Sanayi ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

    AAK Turkey Gida Sanayi ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. provides wide range of goods which includes akobake 29 (shortening). Application: bakery. Contact us for more information.

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    Akobake 29 (shortening)

    AAK Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

    Aak malaysia sdn bhd. provides wide range of goods which includes akobake 29 (shortening). Application: bakery. Contact us for more information.

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    Jiangsu Sainty Handsome Co Ltd

    Jiangsu Sainty Handsome Co., Ltd provides wide range of veterinary and feed addictives which includes albendazole. Packing:25kg drum. Contact us for more information.

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    Alginic Acid


    Qingdao ICD Biochemistry Co., Ltd provides wide range of acidulant which includes alginic acid. It is extracted from seaweed, used in foods suspending, emulsifying, stabilizing and thickening: salads, jam, beverage, cream, milk drinks, fruits and chocolate drinks, sugar coating, frozen foods. Appearance: slig...

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    Astaxanthin 1% beadlets

    InnoBio Limited

    Innobio limited offers a wide range of products which includes astaxanthin 1% beadlets. features: it comes from the microalgae haematococcus pluvialis. Innobio® astaxanthin 1% beadlets are tiny, free-flowing spherical particles of double shell structures manufactured by the microencapsulation technology are m...

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    Longcom enterprise ltd offers a wide range of main feed additives which includes bacitracin 15%. Contact us for more information.

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    Indian Hydrocolloids

    Indian hydrocolloids offers a wide range of food products which includes barley. Application: animal feed use. Contact us for more information.

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    Benecol - Raisio Group

    Benecol® is an expert brand in cholesterol reduction and the only brand in its class available for licensing. Benecol® brand licensing offers a profitable business opportunity and turn-key solution for food and food supplement companies. It is a ...

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    Shandong bangye co. Ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes betaine. It belongs to feed additives. Appearance: crystalline granule. It can be used as methyl supplier to provide high efficient methyl and replace the methionine & choline chloride partially. Contact us for more information.

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    Kanegrade Ltd.

    Kanegrade ltd. offers a wide range of functional ingredients which includes bioflavonoids. Application: it acts as antioxidants and their many health benefits include increasing the effectiveness of vitamin c, helping to maintain healthy blood vessels and aiding the body in iron absorbtion. Contact us for mor...

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    Brine Addictives

    Yunnan Addiphos Technology Co. Ltd

    Yunnan Addiphos Technology Co. Ltd provides wide range of products which includes brine addictives. It belongs to meat category. Contact us for more information.

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    Mantrose haeuser co., inc. provides wide range of confectionary coating products which includes certicoat®. Contact us for more information.

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    Digestive Health

    Atlantia Food Clinical Trials

    Atlantia Food Clinical Trials limited provides wide range of consulting services which includes digestive health. It has experience in trials with different test products, from probiotics to protein, and fruit extracts to marine extracts. It has extensive expertise in gi health trials and looking at...

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    Food Additives

    Sinochem Ningbo Ltd

    Sinochem ningbo ltd. Offers food additiveswhich includes specializes in supplying antioxidants, preservatives, thickeners, phosphates, sweeteners and vegetable proteins for meat, bakery and beverage industries. Contact us for more information.

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    Food-grade collagen

    Hainan Semnl Biotechnology Co Ltd

    Hainan Semnl Biotechnology offers Food-grade collagen. Color: White or light yellow. Form: Powder or granules. Odor: Collagen peculiar smell, no odor. Features: easy to dissolve, excellent performance of solubility, high temperature resistance, wide range of pH applications, good flow ability and suitable for...

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    Gum Damar

    A2 Trading GmbH

    The company offers a wide range of products in hydrocolloids category which includes agar agar. Hydrocolloids are used as thickening and binding agents, as well as stabilisers. Also, their application can give or improve the desired texture of the final product and they are useful in some application areas as...

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    Health Plus Acai Berry Extract

    Good Earth Natural Foods

    Good Earth Natural Foods provides wide range of plant supplements which includes health plus acai berry extract. It’s a powerful antioxidant from the amazon, acai is rich in many nutrients. A traditional remedy and one of nature's richest sources of anthocyanides, protein, fibre, enzymes, amino acids, ph...

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    Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech Co., Ltd.

    Liquid Ocean Minerals(LOM) concentrate containing standardized Magnesium > 40,000 ppm.Balanced magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), and potassium (K) in their highly bioavailable ionic form with over 70 trace elements.

    For sports performance, recovery, and rehydration.

    brhrbrPacific Deep Ocean...

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    Mir Italia Lactic Cultures

    Mir Italia Srl

    The original Mir Italia lactic cultures are already well known and highly appreciated in many markets in Europe and Asia. Applications: fermented milks (yogurt, kefir, ayran, ryazhenka); soft cheeses (sour cream, smetana, tvorog); semi-hard and hard cheeses; probiotics.Contact us for more information.

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