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Hydrosol: whey can be turned into profitable new products

Hydrosol says it now gives cheese makers new possibilities. With Stabisol JOC stabiliser and texturing systems, rennet and acid whey can, claims the company, profitably be made into new products.

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Nestlé first in foods in 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Increasing the share of renewable energy by using solar panels, spent coffee grounds or wood chips to power its factories have helped Nestlé become No.1 in the 2017 DJSI.

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Unilever resumes palm oil purchases from IOI noting 'positive progress'

Following the update on the positive progress IOI has made on sustainability, Unilever has now resumed sourcing palm oil from IOI.

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Symrise gets millennials' perspective on vanilla

Symrise gets millennials' perspective on vanilla 

21 Sep 2017
ADM, Mayo Clinic to collaborate on personalised nutrition

ADM, Mayo Clinic to collaborate on personalised nutrition 

21 Sep 2017
Frutarom BU Health launches new fruit-based delivery system

Frutarom BU Health launches new fruit-based delivery system 

21 Sep 2017

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Essentia Protein Solutions

ScanProTM  is a range of functional and high-functional proteins derived from porcine, bovine and poultry raw materials. ScanProTM delivers excellent functionality to a wide range of meat applications along with a number of outstanding benefits to meat processors around the globe.


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Leiber Marmite product range

Leiber GmbH

These dark pastes from brewers’ yeast are customized taste profiles. They provide the favoured “yeast taste” to Marmite or Vegemite products.

Please contact us for more Information.

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EU Organic Hemp Seed Products


Agropro is the largest producer, processor and trader of hemp in the Baltic region, as well as one of the largest producers of organic hemp in Europe. Certified seed multiplication, farming, first and second stage food processing - all administered by Agropro. Our products contain no preservatives, artifi...

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Hydrolyzed Proteins, Wheat


Nexira offers a wide range of products which includes hydrolyzed proteins. It belongs to specialty ingredients category. Available grades: . Botanical name: wheat. Contact us for more information.

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VIOGERM wheat germ granulates

HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition Ltd

HOCHDORF offers a wide range of wheat-based products. VIOGERM® wheat germ is the most valuable part of wheat and is ideally suited for many applications. It is rich in dietary fibre and protein as well as in minerals and vitamins. With its pleasant, nutty taste, VIOGERM® can used as a (partial) alternativ...

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B.M.P. Bulk Medicines & Pharmaceuticals GmbH

In April 2017 we have been certified by the officially recognized organic inspection body Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH (Code number DE-ÖKO-001) and are therefore an authorized trader for food ingredients and extracts in organic quality. We would like to mention some of our strongest extracts: ...

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Crude Soybean Lecithin


Crude soybean lecithin is a product obtained when soybean are processed in the production of protein products and crude degummed oil. It is extracted from the oil by centrifugation. It is a viscous mass with an amber colour and a specific odour and flavour. It is a natural mixture of phospholipids and oil wit...

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Wheat oligopeptide product (WOP)


Wheat oligopeptide product (WOP) is made of wheat gluten by directional enzymolysis technology and separation technology. WOP has biological activities such as  antioxidant, lowering blood pressure and blood cholesterol, in addition to that it contains higher glutamine which can achieve rapid ph...

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Nutrafood-Food for Health

Nutrafood designs customized gluten-free, lactose free, hypoallergenic and no added sugar formulations. It is our primary purpose being able to offer healthy foods for those who suffer from intolerances, without sacrificing quality and goodness. Vegan. lactose free or hypoallergenic spread creams are the ...

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Organic Brown Pea Starchy Flour

Aloja Starkelsen SIA

Dry brown peas are cleaned, de-hulled, milled and classified in dry system without high temperature impact. Therefore the product retains its raw-protein functionality. 
STARCHY FLOURProtein content 17% – higher than wheat flourGluten-freeGMO-freeEU OriginTraditional European cropPerfect...

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Collagen Peptinex

Gelnex Gelatins

Gelnex has introduced Peptinex to fulfill an increasing demand for nurturing, health and wellness products. As the human body ages, the natural ability to produce collagen needed to maintain a vibrant and youthful lifestyle and appearance diminishes.

Peptinex, comprised as a bio-active...

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Sweetners - Binders and Thickners - Proteins - Nutrients

Tiba Starch & Glucose Manufacturing Co.

From the egyptian rice we produce :

-       Glucose             ( Syrup & Powder )

-       Maltodextrin      ( Powder & Syru...

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Yangzhou Joyvo WeiKem Biology Co Ltd

Yangzhou Joyvo WeiKem Biology Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes Collagen IvyLanc Series.Features: it is innovative enzymolysis collagen made by strictly controlled process. It's for beauty care supplements, with excellent moisture retention,to creat young and healthy skin performance.&n...

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Soy Dietary Fiber

Shandong Sinoglory Health Food Co., Ltd

Shandong sinoglory health food co. Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes soy dietary fiber. It belongs to soy dietary fiber category. Applications: it is good water binging ability with competitive production cost.tomato paste(ketchup), jam, juice, chopped meat products, bakery, etcedible fiber 6...

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Potato Protein

Royal Ingredients Group B.V.

Royal Lion brand

GMO free/GMP

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Soja Austria

Soybean oil , in organic and conventional quality,

used for frying, marinating, pet food, aquaculture, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals 

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Rice Protein

Basic Nutrition Co. Ltd

Gluten and lactose free

Ease of digestibility

High protein content (70%, 80%, 90%)

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dextrose monohydrate

Henan Feitian Agricultural Development Stock, Co., Ltd

make by corn starch, used for food additives

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Univar Food Ingredients

Including whey, milk, pulse, soy and algae varieties.

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Cream performance


Corman’s know-how in creams results in 3 key advantages: standardization, ease of use and performance. We offer creams, concentrated creams and ready-to-recombine bases to make whipping creams (dairy or mixed) or any other cream-based product.

Also, the Cheesium compound base allows you to prod...

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Typical application in bakery as well as low carb nutrition. Binder and/or protein source for meat products and vegetarian food. Visit our webstite or asked for more information about e.g. GLUSOL, GLUSTAR, Vital Wheat Gluten, GLUTEX B

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e.g. Proteinisolates, hydrolised Proteins, plant Proteins (vegan)

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milk powder


Skimmed Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Buttermilk Powder, Cream Powder, lactose-free skimmed milk powder/-whole milk powder (lactose content < 0,1 %). Most of our products are also available in alpine quality.

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BESTMIX Recipe management software

Adifo Software

BESTMIX Recipe management software is an agile package that supports food industry R&D departments, QA units and product managers from first concept to final specifications. 

Creating innovative and competitive products, this user-friendly NPD software supports you through each s...

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Soya Chunk

Regency Spices LLP

We are dealing in Soya Chunk, Granules . So please do contact us for any requirement & visit our stall - at 11.1C37NEP.

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Prolacta® Soluble Milk protein for Infant Nutrition

Lactalis Ingredients

Prolacta® is a soluble milk protein directly extracted from milk.This unique and constant composition protein is manufactured thanks to a membrane process carried out at low temperature (no protein denaturation, preserved biological activities).

Characteristics-Unique composition with a high qualit...

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Standard Gelatins

PB Gelatins/PB Leiner

PB Gelatins/PB Leiner offers a wide variety of gelatins which includes standard gelatins. It is a highly valued ingredient in the food, pharmaceutical health & nutrition and photographic industries because of its multi-functionality. Contact us for more information.

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Italgel Fast

Italgelatine SpA

Italgel fast is a 100% natural instant gelatin powder that represents a small revolution for users in the catering and professional confectionery sectors. Its practicality of use has the great advantage of making it possible to create dishes with more precise doses, and giving the desired gelling effect, as w...

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Gropro Swine

Angel Yeast Co Ltd

GroPro is a feed ingredient derived from yeast which enhances all the nutritional and health benefits of yeast. It provides young animals digestible proteins and functional nucleic acids to help them get through critical early growth stages. GroPro also provides exogenous nucleic acids for young animals, whic...

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Activated Carbons

Carbonitalia SRL

At first glance, all types of activated carbon seem alike. They all derive from the same element, carbon. They are used for their ability to absorb and to remove undesired substances from gases and liquids. However, there are activated carbons which may be more effective depending on the application. Undoubte...

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