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Can yeast rise to the challenge of curing cancer?

Modified baker’s yeasts cause an immune response and the production of lymphocyte killers, which detect and eliminate cancerous cells.

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Carrageenan growth forecast to slow

In spite of recording global sales of over 60,000 metric tonnes in 2016, Future Market Insights (FMI) predicts that the global demand for carrageenan gum will witness a considerable decline.

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Cargill introduces winegum texturizer

Cargill has introduced a texturizing solution that it says will enable European confectionery manufacturers to achieve optimal texture and transparency and reduce drying time by up to 50% for their gelatin-free winegum applications.

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Latest news

Frutarom reports record sales and profits

Frutarom reports record sales and profits 

28 Mar 2017
Mintel: Germany leads in vegan product innovation

Mintel: Germany leads in vegan product innovation 

28 Mar 2017
100% sustainable juice alliance formed

100% sustainable juice alliance formed 

28 Mar 2017

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Apple and Citrus Pectins

Herbstreith & Fox KG Pektin-Fabriken

Natural gelling agents to be used in the following applications fields:

  • jams and other fruit preparations
  • bakery products: bakestable fruit preparations, fruit fillings and glazes
  • confectionery, gum and jelly products
  • milk and soy products: fruit preparations, acidified milk stabilizat...
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    Blended Phosphate for fish fillets and shrimps

    Thai Food Product International Co., Ltd.

    Mixed Phosphate,a food grade polyphosphates and food materials in a ratio to provide excellent performance in increasing the weight of seafood products, preventing freeze burn and suitable for flavor and texture improvement of seafood products, mainly fish and shrimp. Mixed phosphate also helps the factory...

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    CEKOL® Family

    CP Kelco

    CMC Food, Cosmetics, Pharma and Industrial GradesbrhrbrCMC Food, Cosmetic and Pharma Grades

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    Edible gelatine


    GELITA supplies various types of gelatine product such as edible gelatine which is forms a thermo-reversible gel that melts in the mouth when in contact with water, thus giving a quite unique mouth feeling through intensive release of its aromas. These properties are not possessed by any other hydrocolloids. ...

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    ABF Ingredients

    PAC-STAR® is a natural stabilizing agent that develops a smoother texture in dry and wet beverage formulations. PAC-STAR® is gluten free, hypoallergenic and excellent for special diets. Product applications include sport drinks, dairy replacement drinks, ice cream and nutritional beverages.

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    Proryza p-35

    RiceBran Technologies

    Ricebran technologies provides a wide range of products which includes proryza p-35. Features: all natural, no major allergens, gluten free, dairy free, trans fat free, cholesterol free. Low calorie, vegan. Contact us for more information.

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    Rama Production Co. Ltd.

    Rama production co. Ltd. Offersa wide range of emulsifier/stabilizer (solae lecithin group) which includes actiflo. Applications: beverages; soy milk; confectionery; sauce & seasoning; bakery products; processed fruits & vegetables; ice-cream; sugar-free, low-calories products. Features: liquid and powder (de...

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    Advasterol 90

    Advanced Organic Materials

    Advanced Organic Materials S.A offers wide range of products which includes advasterol 90. It belongs to plant sterols category. It is used as an LDL cholesterol reducer in food preparations and in cosmetics for its emulsifying and stabilizing properties. Physical state: powder. Appearance: off white. Odor: t...

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    Cereal beverage stabilizer

    Kevin Food Co., Ltd

    Kevin food co. ltd offers a wide range of products which includes cereal beverage stabilizer. Features: suspension of insoluble particles, prevent product stratification, provide a suitable viscosity, smooth taste. Scope: red beans, green beans, corn and other vegetable drink. Contact us for more information.

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    Our innovative starch-based ingredients can replace expensive milk protein in your cheese product. Whether you produce pizza cheese, cheese slices, hard cheese (parmesan-like) or spreadable cheeses, KMC has a unique solution. Each CheeseMaker solution is designed to obtain specific functional properties w...

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    Eastern Foodchem Co., Ltd

    Eastern Foodchem Co. Ltd. offers a wide range of stabilizers & thickeners which includes cmc. Contact us for more information.

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    Drink stabilizer

    Hung Thong Food Technology Sdn Bhd

    Hung thong food technology sdn bhd offers a wide range of food additive which includes drink stabilizer. Application: stabilizer/thickener for cordial, juice and beverage. Contact us for more information.

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    Excellion EM 7

    FrieslandCampina Ingredients

    FrieslandCampina Ingredients offers a wide range of products which includes Excellion EM 7. It belongs to processed cheese ingredients category. Excellion™ EM 7 is a very pure roller dried milk protein, type fresh curd sodium caseinate, prepared from fresh skimmed milk. Excellion™ EM 7 is a versatil...

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    Guar gum powder (Natural)

    Indian Hydrocolloids

    Indian hydrocolloids offers a wide range of food products which includes guar gum powder (natural). It is the ground endosperm of the seeds of natural strains of the guar plant,cyamopsis tetragonolobus (family leguminosae). 

  • Application: thickening, emulsifying,  binding agent, stabilization, gel...
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    Ice - cream stabilizer


    Gkm Gida Ve Katki offers wide range of products which includes ice - cream stabilizer. It is a mixture of selected hydrocolloids, emulsifier. Application: improvement of mouth feel, appeling texture well control size of ice crystal. Contact us for more information.

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    Pex - pex b2

    Chemco Prima Mandiri

    Chemco prima mandiri offers food chemicals which includes pex - pex b2. It belongs to ph7 category. It has a purpose of preserving and hydrating all kinds of fish whether they are cut in fillets, slices or any other form. Application : all kinds of fish whether they are cut in fillets, slices or any other for...

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    Rousselot Acido-Gel

    Rousselot-Darling Ingredients

    Rousselot-Darling ingredients offers a wide range of solutions which includes Rousselot Acido-Gel. Application: Marshmallows. This gelling agent allows you to manufacture stable acid marshmallows. It is composed of Rousselot®Gelatin and Pectin.
    - An all-in-one gelling and foaming system- Perfect stabi...

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    Jebsen & Jessen

    Jebsen & Jessen offers a wide range of products which includes Stabiliser. It belongs to beverages category. Applications: coffee & tea, fruit juice based, powdered beverage, alcohol beverage, hard boiled & chewy candy, jellies & gummy, ice cream, milk, soy milk, yoghurt & drinking yoghurt, canned meat & seaf...

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    Texture & Stabiliser Systems

    Kerry Ingredients & Flavours

    Kerry ingredients & flavours provides wide range of beverages which includes texture & stabiliser systems. Contact us for more information.

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    YIZHI Stabilizer

    Hubei Yizhi Konjac Biotechnology Co., Ltd

    Hubei yizhi konjac biotechnology co., ltd offers a wide range of products which includes yizhi stabilizer. It belongs to stabilizer category. Uses: it can be used well in milk products,it makes the product quality stability and a long time storage,the antholeucin will not settle or bed, can be easy filtered a...

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    Aerosil anti claying agent

    Panteley Toshev Ltd.

    Panteley toshev ltd offers wide range of compounded stabilizers for the production of meat products which includes aerosil anti claying agent. Packaging: 10 kg. Contact us for more information.

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    Agar-agar, E-406

    Akdeniz Harnup ve Gida Katki Maddeleri San. Tic. A.S.

    Akdeniz Harnup ve Gida Katki Maddeleri S provides wide range of products which includes agar-agar, e-406. Contact us for more information.

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    Algae Feed

    Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation

    SHANDONG JIEJING GROUP CORPORATIONoffers a wide range of products which includes algae feed. It is made from seaweed with natural flavor. It retains peculiar nutrition ingredient of marine plants. Through rinsing and cooking procedures on the process of alginate extraction, impurities in the feed are greatly ...

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    BiobondTM TG-YG

    Kinry Food Ingredients Co., Ltd.

    Kinry Food Ingredients Co., Ltd provides wide range of food ingredients which includes biobondtm tg-yg. It is an effective ingredient for the dairy products. It tries to reduce costs by replacing/reducing the added protein powder and/or stabilizers. Contact us for more information.

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    Burolac SM

    Meggle Food Systems

    Category: Functional compounds. Burolac SM is a semi-processed product made from milk ingredients. It was developed to replace eggs in certain bakery products. It can be used in pound cake mix (without eggs), doughnuts, layer cake and sponge cake. It offers the following advantages when used in pound cake mix...

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    Nutrition Sc Co., Ltd.

    Nutrition Sc Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of stabilizer which includes carrageenan. It is a food grade carrageenan extracted from the red seaweed. Light tan, free flowing powder; it forms thermoreversible gels at sufficient concentration. It provides the perfect balance of rigidity and firmness along with el...

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    Ingredients UK Ltd

    We can offer many different types of Carrageenan:- Iota, Kappa, refined, semi refined, transparent, food, petfood.

    They are widely used in the food industry, for their gelling, thickening, and stabilizing properties. Their main application is in dairy and meat products, due to their strong bin...

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    CitriFi, orange fiber

    Hela Spice

    Fiberstar Orange pulp fiber

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    Wuxi R&D chemical co., ltd offers a wide range of products which includes CMC. It belongs to thickeners & stabilizers category. Contact us for more information.

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    Doce Aroma

    Combination of thickener and stabilizer with the purpose of ensuring the chemical and physical properties of the emulsions and suspensions.

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