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We are dedicated to helping suppliers and buyers in the food ingredients industry find each other. Our supplier database includes over 3,000 verified food ingredients suppliers and service providers . This allows us to make product/service search more effective for buyers while generating high-quality leads for suppliers.

Ingredients Network is part of the Food Ingredients global event network, connecting over 100,000 food ingredients industry professionals worldwide.

Benefits for suppliers:

If you exhibit at Ingredients Network, your exhibitor contract is likely to already include year-round exposure on Ingredients Network. If you are not sure, contact

If you would like to be listed on Ingredients Network but are not exhibiting at any Fi events, please send your inquiry to

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About Ingredients Network

Ingredients Network is the definitive online for sourcing products and services in the food health and natural ingredients industry.

We provide a secure environment where buyers and suppliers from every sector of the Ingredients market can connect 365 days a year.


Operating internationally, UBM EMEA operates a number of market leading exhibitions, awards, websites/online products and publications in twenty different business sectors.

Our brands include CPhI, IFSEC, Food Ingredients, Cruise Shipping Miami, Technology for Marketing and Advertising, International Confex, Informex and many more.

Our offices are located in the UK, Netherlands, and USA.