2,5 Dimethyl Pyrazine

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The company offers a range of thiazole products for food and beverage industry which includes 2,5 dimethyl pyrazine. It is colorless to amber liquid. Odor: chocolate, roasted nut. Solubility: soluble in water; soluble in most organic solvents. Storage: in tightly closed container away from light and source of ignition at max. 20°C: 24 months min. Contact us for more information.
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Details Melting point (for solids only): 15°C. Boiling point: 154°C. Flash point: ca. 63.9°C. Specific gravity @ 20°/20°C: 0.985-0.995. Refractive index @ 20°C: 1.495-1.505. Empirical formula: C6H8N2
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2,5 Dimethyl Pyrazine

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