22 nov 2021
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About us

Microganic is a Germany based supplier of plant-based/vegan food ingredientes to manufacturers of health foods/drinks, functional foods/drinks or vegan food products. Our ingredients are sience-based and our company is market-driven, developing innovative plant-based health ingredients to make our customers´ products more sucessful.
Based on high value marine raw material we have developed a range of semi-finished vegan plankton ingredients, to enrich our customers´ products with plant-based ingredients, health effects (EFSA) and sensory properties.
Additionally we produce and trade a wide range of microalgae products, such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Schizochytrium, algae Omega-3-Oil, DHA, EPA, Phycocyanin, Astaxanthin for food or nutraceutical products. All products are available in conventional or organic quality.

Specs about this supplier

Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe
Affiliated categories: Algae |Amino Acids |Anti-allergens More

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Microganic GmbH

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Fi Europe Online and In-Person

22 November - 2 December 2021 Frankfurt, Germany Visit us at stand 30J240