Agenajel 20.330

Product description

Agenajel 20.330 is an acetylated distarch adipate based on non-GMO waxy corn. It shows an excellent thickening capacity and good stability against heat, freeze/thaw and acid. Appearance: white, fine powder. Odour: specific, pure. Taste: specific, pure. Aqueous cook-up solutions of agenajel 20.321 yield transparent, smooth and short-textured pastes. They do not gelatinize even after extended storage and show very little sign of syneresis. Applications: fine food (mayonnaise, ketchup,dressings), deep frozen food (soups, sauces), fruit preparations, milk-products. Packaging: Available in multiwall paper-bags of 25 kg (1 pallet = 30 bags = 750 kg).
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Categories Stabilisers and Thickeners, Binders, Texturisers
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Origin Antarctica
Selling Points Bone & Joint Health; Cardiovascular Health; Children's Health F&B; Cognitive & Mental Function; Halal Ingredients; Immune Health; Kosher Ingredients; Natural Ingredients; Salt, Fat, Sugar Reduction
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