Aicabix WS-AP solution

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Aicabix WS-AP solution is a natural colorant obtained from the seed (Bixa Orellana), purified, concentrated, stabilized with potassium hydroxide, propylene glycol and polysorbates. Bixin is the main active. It is used for coloring foods such as cereals, cheeses, ice cream cons, baked goods, yogurt, beverages and other products that requiring acid pH. Appearance: Liquid dark orange-brown. Solubility: Soluble in soft water. Stability- Heat: good, Light: regular. Tonality: Depending on the product that is applied and the dose used, the tone varies from light yellow to reddish orange. Packaging: Polyethylene drums. Storage: It is stored in a dark, dark and cold environment (5–15 ºC). Stability to the main active: Three months, after which increasing dosage of use. Shelf life: Three months, after which increasing dosage of use.
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Details Physico-Chemical: Arsenic: Less than 3 mg/kg. Lead: Less than 10 mg/kg. Mercury: Less than 1 mg/kg. Cadmium: Less than 1 mg/kg. Heavy metals (Pb): Less than 40 mg/kg. Concentration: 2.5% +/- 0.2% norbixin. pH to 20ºC: 10.0. Microbiological- Enumeration of microorganisms: Aerobic mesophile: Less than 1000 ufc/gr. Molds & yeast: Less than 100 ufc/gr. Total coliform: Less than 3 col /gr. E.Coli: Negative. Salmonella: Absence/25gr. pH:3.0 – 4.5.
Categories Colours
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Origin Lebanon
Selling Points Bone & Joint Health; Cardiovascular Health; Children's Health F&B; Cognitive & Mental Function; Halal Ingredients; Immune Health; Kosher Ingredients; Natural Ingredients; Salt, Fat, Sugar Reduction
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Aicabix WS-AP solution

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