Akofeed gigant 60

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Aak malaysia sdn bhd. provides wide range of goods which includes akofeed gigant 60. Akofeed gigant is produced by flaked saturated fatty acids. Characteristic for this product is the high value of palmitic acids.akofeed gigant has a light colour with a pleasant smell. Akofeed gigant is used as fat for food producing animals for a mixture in concentrates up to 10 percent, for ruminants as dairy cows, cattle, sheep and goat when the feed ration need saturated c16 fatty acids as a supplement. By their high melting point, the fatty acids in akofeed gigant are protected from rumen degradation and do not harm the rumen microorganisms or fiber degradation. Akofeed gigant is especially recommended for high yielding cows with a higher demand for energy. Akofeed gigant makes the pellet more firm. Additive name: propyl gallate, butylated hydroxytoluene (bht). Contact us for more information.
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Categories Nutrients
Sales markets Middle East
Supplied from Turkey
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Akofeed gigant 60

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