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Aak malaysia sdn bhd. provides wide range of goods which includes akoice. Akoice is the name of aak’s range of products for use in ice - cream coatings. Akoice is fluid or semi:fluid at room temperature, depending on whether the product is to be used in ordinary ice - cream coatings or in ice dippings/ice toppings or as a moisture barrier. Akoice gives fast:setting chocolate layers with no bleeding. The products have enhanced melting behaviour and shorter crystallisation times, qualities that are especially important in high:speed ice bar machines. Akoice are liquid at room temperature, and solidify almost instantly when they come into contact with cold ice - cream. Akoice is used for dippings and toppings. The quality of an ice dipping or ice topping is largely determined by the properties of the fat system. The product should have low viscosity and be liquid at room temperature, set rapidly, have good stability against oxidation, show good melt off properties, have good flavour release. When these requirements are met, the result will be a crispy, glossy coating with good snap. Contact us for more information.
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Categories Nutrients
Sales markets Middle East
Supplied from Turkey
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