Akoroma r processed cheese

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Aak malaysia sdn bhd. provides wide range of goods which includes akoroma r processed cheese. Processed cheeses puts high demand on the crystallisation properties of the fat, since grating properties for the cheese as well as mouth-feel are affected. Aak’s akoroma range are also suitable for these cheeses. In all cheese types the milk fat can be partially or completely replaced using aak’s cheese fats. Akoroma can be used to improve the nutritional value of cheese by replacing milk fat with vegetable fat in cheese. Using vegetable fat blends in cheese will help to increase polyunsaturated fat (pufa), decrease trans fatty acids (tfa), decrease saturated fatty acids (safa), increase omega - 3,reduce cholesterol. The milk fat in the cheese can be completely replaced by using akoroma. Contact us for more information.
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Categories Proteins
Sales markets Middle East
Supplied from Turkey
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Akoroma r processed cheese

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