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Today most of the minerals used in the food supplement market are an inorganic form (oxides, carbonates, sulfates, etc.), which are poorly absorbed by our bodies. Minerals found in your daily supplement could be leaving your body without ever being absorbed and put to use. In nature, the highly bioavailable forms of minerals are packaged in proteins to protect them from binding to other food, not causing irritation to the GI tract and increasing bioavailability. Fortunately, science and patented technology can help by creating and mimicking an organic molecule in a form the body can assimilate. These special organic forms of mineral elements are known as mineral amino acid chelates. Albion’s chelates used in food and nutritional supplements provide complete organic mineral nutrition, giving our bodies the ultimate chance to absorb the minerals for our best biological advantage.
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Categories Minerals & Trace Elements; Nutrients
Product Applications Food Supplements; Sports Nutrition
Product Certifications Health claims; Sustainable Seafood

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