Alkali Treated Chips Cottonii/Spinosum

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Alkali Treated Chips Cottonii/SpinosumbrhrbrPT. Wahyu Bimasakti manufactuers semi-refined carrageenan. It is a food grade hydrocolloid extracted from red seaweeds by mild alkali process. It is a linear sulfated polysaccharides which appear very similar but differ only in the number and position of the ester sulfate groups. It has the ability to form infinite variety of gel texture at room temperature, firm or elastic, with high or low melting point and has the ability to thicken, suspend and stabilizes particulates as well as colloidal dispersions and water/oil emulsions. Applications: beer/wine, chocolate mousse, chocolate/milk drinks, dessert gel, flans , ice cream, sauce, processed meatpure semi-refined carrageenan kappa and Iota, tailored, customer-specific blends of ingredients based on semi-refined carrageenan for different applications, alkali-treated seaweed chips, raw seaweed (euchema cottonii, euchema spinosum, gracilaria) are also available.
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Alkali Treated Chips Cottonii/Spinosum

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