AMINATURE® - Histidine

28 Jun 2022


AMINATURE® - Histidine

AMINATURE® is CJ BIO’s brand of fermented amino acids for food, flavor and nutraceutical applications.CJ BIO’s innovative fermentation technology that only uses non-GMO plant material, AMINATURE® is suited for vegan applications.CJ BIO is committed to provide quality amino acids for different types of applications.
L-Histidine was initially thought essential only for infants, but it has now been shown in longer-term studies to be essential for adults also.

Fatigue Recovery: L-Histidine is one of the components of Carnosine*, which prevents build-up of lactic acid in muscle.

Immune: L-Histidine is related to production of Red / White blood cell.

Mental Health: L-Histidine is related to promoting Zinc absorption.

Growth: L-Histidine can protect nerve cells.