Auricularia auricula(black fungus)

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Linan quality mushroom co., ltd offers a wide range of products which includes auricularia auricula(black fungus). Feature: it was used in folk medicine as recently as the 19th century for complaints including sore throats, sore eyes and jaundice, and as an astringent. It is also used in ghana, as a blood tonic. It has been found that a. Auricula-judae contains various bio-compounds that have anti-tumpr, antiviral, antibacterial, anti parasitic, hypoglycemic, anticoagulant and cholesterol-lowering properties. Auricularia auricula-judae has been the subject of research into possible medicinal applications. Experiments in the 1980s concluded that two glucans isolated from the species showed potent antitumour properties when used on mice artificially implanted with sarcoma 180 tumours. Contact us for more information.
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Categories Colours; Flavours and Spices; Nutrients
Sales markets Asia
Origin China
Selling Points Natural Ingredients; Product Features
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Auricularia auricula(black fungus)

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