Azelis (Food & Health, Coatings, Chemical Industries)

Azelis (Food & Health, Coatings, Chemical Industries)

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Azelis Food and Health is a leading supplier of ingredients to food manufacturers, offering a unique and extensive range of nutritional, flavour and performance ingredients from world-class manufacturers. Our speciality product range includes soluble and insoluble fibres, vitamins and minerals, thickeners, stabilisers, oils and fats, preservatives & antioxidants and nutritional ingredients. By creating culinary and functional food demonstrations and test recipes, our experienced food technologists help our customers explore the effect of new ingredients. Our fully equipped development kitchens service all food sectors including bakery, beverage, confectionery, dairy, convenience foods, meat and fish as well as flavour development.
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Azelis (Food & Health, Coatings, Chemical Industries)

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