ishaan bio

6 Sep 2016


ishaan bio

ISHAAN BIO- Directly or indirectly our solutions touch your life every day.

I am taking this chance to introduce you the ISHAAN BIO‘working with the miracles of nature’ – the company with 9 years experience in manufacturing, supplying and research of Bio-Products. Ishaan Bio has versatile Market spread across 4 continents in 25 countries and a product portfolio of 50+ products for more than 10 different industries.

Our product portfolio is diversified into 4 major product verticals:
•          Bio-Catalysts (Enzymes, Cultures and Microbes based systems, Probiotics)
•          Proteins & Peptides (Vegetable sources)
•          Bio-Chemicals (Starches & Sweeteners)
•          Bio-Fertilizers
With Certification of ISO 9001, ISO 22000, KOSHER, HALAL we have been significantly manufacturing the above Products.

Briefing a little bit the Depth and Scale of our technologies has dovetailed our transition from a player in enzymes to a diversified manufacturer with a wide of range of Bio-Products. Ishaan Bio provide the collaborative research services using multidisciplinary skills technology platforms like Microbial fermentation, Bio-synthesis, Chemical synthesis, Protein purification to bring out various innovative solutions of biology and chemistry.

We at Ishaan Bio can only assure you of 2 value propositions: Quality & Deliverance.
We provide solutions to improve performance, quality and cost of a variety of products. Ishaan Bio is a company with a dynamic team of our skilled executioners who believe in delivering excellence by keeping in constant touch with your company.

With an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction Ishaan Bio assures prompt and best of its services at all times.
Please feel free to keep in touch with us about any of your business related requirements/queries. Our team will contact you for further discussion at a time convenient to you.

Not taking much of your time please find the enclosed below list of products Ishaan Bio intends to serve you:
1)      Enzymes
2)      Protein Concentrates and Isolates
We strive to join hands with you to promote our products with an assurance of long sustainable association.

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