30 Aug 2023



Sivi a clinically proven 100% pure Passiflora Incarnata standardized extract, crafted to promote high-quality sleep. The exceptional variety of Passiflora Incarnata used in creating Sivi contain the highest content of Vitexin, the key component behind its remarkable effectiveness. SIVI is extracted with unique and standardized process to obtain Best Bio-active principles.


• Improve sleep quality, sleep duration, time to sleep and sleep efficiency • Helps to reduce symptoms like fatigue and improve daytime mood, ability to function at work, concentration (which is due to getting Good Quality Sleep)
• Significantly helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels 
• Helps in the reduction of Serum Cortisol levels (stress bio-marker)
• The Vitexin present helps as antioxidant, to repair cells & improve their functions due to daily wear & tear.