Product description

Product development, manufacturing and sales of innovative bakery ingredients for the bakery industry.

  • Aromatic Emulsifiers (Jilk, Colco, Coba): the Cake Gels are specific monoglyceride-based emulsifiers (E471) with an "alpha gel phase", a sandwich structure of alternating surfactant and aqueous layers that make the cake easily flexible and rearrangeable during heating
  • Aromatic Shelf Life Extenders (K-line, GL-line): can be added to liquid ingredients (e.g., egg, water, oil) to control the water activity and pH-level to enable a longer shelf life by up to 6-12 months
  • Aromatic Emulsions (Dorothy, Arosoft Cake): prevent starch retrogradation and staling to slow down the ageing process and retain softness, tenderness and moistness throughout shelf life
  • Aromatic Flavours: top-class flavours in various compositions. Produced in Sweden & Sold worldwide
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Categories Aromas; Emulsifiers / Lecithins; Preservatives
Supplied from Sweden
End-Use Categories Bakery; Confectionary
Certifications Halal; Kosher; Organic

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