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BARRIER FAT™ is a bloom-retarding barrier fat that prolongs the shelf life of pralines and bars. BARRIER FAT™ may be used pure or in a blend with sugar, cocoa and milk powder. Using a thin layer of the pure fat or the blend in a thin layer between a chocolate shell and filling provides a valuable improvment in “time to bloom”. BARRIER FAT™ is non-hydrogenated. Application: FCT (Frozen Cone Technology), Coating, Spray. Applications: Significantly improved shelf lite – the lifetime of the product from end of production to consumption is significantly increased with increased appearance and appeal to the end costumer. It is non-hydrogenated and without trans fatty acids in order to meet the needs and health awerness ot the consumers. Applying a layer of BARRIER FAT™ can compensate for a thinner chocolate shell and still provide even better shelf life.
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Categories Fat Replacers; Flavour Enhancers; Nutrients
Supplied from Nepal

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