BESTMIX Quality management software

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BESTMIX Quality management (LIMS) is an open data-processing application that lets you collect comprehensive data from your sample management processes with ease, integrate it seamlessly into your core applications and evaluate and distribute the results in a consistent and flexible way. LIMS for food smart lab data management saves you time, reduces costs, increases the reliability of your products and improves your decision making.
  • Save time and reduce costs – Import data effortlessly using certified connectors. Create internal reports and dashboards and generate Certificates of Analysis (CoA) easily directly in BESTMIX LIMS  (lab information management software) for food producers.
  • Increase reliability – Keep the nutrient content of your ingredient matrix up-to-date, ensuring your production is tuned to the actual situation. LIMS for food helps schedule the sampling of raw material and end products to monitor specification conformity.
  • Improve decision making – Evaluate and benchmark suppliers and raw material origins. Rate your suppliers in LIMS for food according to the quality they deliver.
As BESTMIX LIMS is an open software platform your in-house developers can use it to build tailor-made innovative IT solution. By integrating available processes and workflows, you can deliver state-of-the-art solutions in next to no time.

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Categories Proteins
Sales markets Western Europe; North America
Supplied from Belgium
End-Use Categories Beverages; Wine & spirits
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BESTMIX Quality management software

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