Cargill intros "lowest saturated fat" high oleic canola oil

Cargill has introduced what it claims is the lowest saturated fat, high oleic canola oil available to commercial food customers worldwide.

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McCormick joins European Flavour Association

McCormick has joined the European Flavour Association (EFFA), bringing EFFA membership to 22 companies and National Associations.

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Survey uncovers American attitudes to bottled water

More than 3 in 5 Americans (63%) say bottled water (still and/or sparkling) is among their most preferred beverages, according to a survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA).

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Latest news

CRYSTAL DATE SUGAR – An exclusive Ingredients for the world food innovation

CRYSTAL DATE SUGAR – An exclusive Ingredients for the world food innovation 

16 Jan 2018
BASF launches Citral availability web site

BASF launches Citral availability web site 

16 Jan 2018
Agrana sees 9-month revenue growth of 2.2%

Agrana sees 9-month revenue growth of 2.2% 

16 Jan 2018

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Latest products

Micronutrient Premixes

Nutrition Supplies

oily and dry blends of Vitamins and Minerals for Infant Clinical Nutrition Applications

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Maca, Camu Camu, Tarwi Protein, Acai

Eco Terra GmbH

Maca from Bolivia, Camu Camu, Tarwi Protein, Acai

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Glycine Cas.59-30-3

Sinoright International Trade Co Ltd

Glycine is widely used as a buffer for a variety of immunological applications. It is frequently used in the preparation of TG Buffers
(Tris-Glycine; sc-296648) where the buffer is used as a running and/or transfer buffer for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and
western blotting. Glycine (100...

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Tomato Paste

Sugal Group

28/30 Hot Break ( doble concentrate)

36/38 Cold Break (triple concentrate)

28/30 Cold Break (doble concentrate)

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Alcoholic Beverage Flavors & Extracts

AromataGroup Srl

We are specialized in flavors and aromatic extracts for any liqueur. The business unit Emans is a true benchmark in the alcoholic beverage flavoring segment and applies traditional extraction, distillation, and infusion techniques. It can also create tailor-made products for alcoholic beverages of any type...

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NAT healthy®


Functional botanicals MAKE A HEALTHY DIFFERENCE
Give your brand the “naturally healthy” edge consumers look for. To help you add the innate benefits and nutritive value of plants, Naturex has created NAT healthy®:a selection of botanical extracts designed to make your food & beverage products stand out...

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Agave Syrup

Naturel West Corp

Naturel West is a premium products trading company that derived from a passion for agave and other products with natural origin. We seek to provide satisfaction and healthy foods to all our customers around the world.

We are pioneers in innovation and development of new products derived from ...

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Chemart International Trader

Chemart International Trader Sp. z o.o.

Acidity regulators and stabilizers, preservatives, thickeners and stabilizers, concentrates of fruit juices, starches and derivatives, plant extracts, vitamins, sweeteners, carriers, antioxidants, amino acids, whey isolates and concentrates.

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Corbion offers a wide variety of products which includes puramex. It is a mineral portfolio based on salts of natural L-lactic acid, which is produced by fermentation from sugar. It is good for fortification of beverages targeting healthier lifestyles. Contact us for more information.

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Food Ingredients

De Monchy Natural Products BV


Arabic Gum

Autolysed Yeasts

Bakers Yeast Instant (Organic)

Beta Glucan

Binding & Gelling agents

Botanical Extracts

Citric Acid

Coffee Extracts

Colours (natur...

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VITAGOS, Galacto-Oligosaccharides (GOS)

Vitalus Nutrition Inc.

VITAGOS is a highly-soluble clear liquid containing concentrated Galacto-Oligosaccharides (GOS) syrup. Manufactured at our Canadian processing facility, GOS can be incorporated into a wide range of food and beverage formulations, especially where low pH and/or high temperature are required. 

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StarLuBean Drip bag

Well-being LS Co., Ltd.

 ■ Product name : StarLuBean Drip bag
 ■ Food Type: Roasted Coffee
 ■ Raw material name and content: Coffee Beans 100%
 ■ How to use :
At first, plseae remove top of filter papaer and insert the drip bag in the cup.
And then pour the hot water.
Lastly remove ...

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Lentein Complete

Parabel USA Inc

PARABEL USA INC. has developed a groundbreaking protein ingredient from water lentils or duckweed. LENTEIN Complete is a fresh green protein powder that has been successfully formulated in dry-mix goods like chips, crackers, snack-mixes, bars and cereal clusters and since it is dispersible it also m...

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Rice Protein


Rice protein is a concentrated fraction of the entire rice grain, produced through a wet milling and all-natural proprietary process. Its production process is a series of fermentation, filtration and enzyme processing to remove the protein and fibre from the rice grain. Sprouted whole grain brown rice is...

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Jiangyin Healthway Int. Trade Co Ltd

CAS#  105-66-8 FEMA#  2934

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Fennel Seed

Rama Gum Industries Pvt Ltd

Rama Industries provides wide range of products under fennel seed.  Syrup prepared from fennel juice was formerly given for chronic coughs. It is one of the plants which is said to be disliked by fleas, and powdered fennel has the effect of driving away fleas from kennels and stables.Contact us for mor...

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Performance Coconut Water Powder (High Potassium)

Covico Coconut Solutions

Covico Performance Evaporated Coconut Water contains 60 mg of coconut potassium per gram and is made without any added ingredients or fillers like maltodextrin and tapioca.  This free-flowing white powder dilutes easily in water and because of it's high potassium level, has a salty ta...

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Rose Extract


Botanical Origin:Rosa rugosa Thunb
Shanghai Novanat Co.,Ltd offers wide range of food products which includes plant extract and probiotics.
Contact us for more information.

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Nutrafood-Food for Health

Nutrafood suppliers non dairy beverages. Iy produces base, concentrate, compound and also tailored made plant-based drinks in private label. From the world of oilseeds and cereals, a variety of appealing drinks: from almond milk to coconut milk, from hazelnut milk to cashew milk, Its structure support bot...

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Non-GMO Soya, Sunflower & Rapeseed Lecithin Prodcuts

Vitale Nutrition GmbH

Non-GMO Soya Liquid Lecithin ( Hard-IP),Non-GMO Soya Food Powder ( Hard-IP),Non-GMO Soya Food Granules ( Hard-IP),Non-GMO Soya Feed Powder, Non-GMO Sunflower Standardized Liquid Lecithin,Non-GMO Sunflower Filitered Liquid Lecithin ,Non-GMo Sunflower Food Powder, Non-GMO Sunflower Granules, Non-...

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Density Meter: DMA™ 500

Anton Paar

DMA™ 500 is a compact digital density meter providing unrivaled ease of use. The self-explanatory user interface allows you to single-handedly operate the instrument within a few moments. The instrument comes with features that support the correct filling of your sample and ensure fully traceab...

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Bart offers a wide range of emulsions/concentrates including:  apple, cherry, cola, energy drink, kiwi, lemon, lime, mango, multiwitamin (tropical), orange, pear, raspberry, strawberry and others.

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Kancor Ingredients Limited

Supercritical fluid extraction is an efficient separation method, to separate active ingredients from plant material. Supercritical solvent extraction is one of the gentlest, most flexible, dynamic and nature friendly techniques used for the extraction of spices, herbs and flowers using food grade CO2. These ...

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FELIX KOCH OFFENBACH Couleur und Karamel GmbH

Coconut cream powder satisfies with its intensive, fresh coconut taste.

Due to the special formulation and production method, our powders with different fat contents are characterised by an exceptionally long shelf life.

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VT Freeze box

Vestfrost Solutions

VT Freezer box -45ºC, -60ºC, -86ºC

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Sinfo One SPA

Sinfo ONE Spa

Sinfo One excellence in innovation means not being satisfied with one single success. It means  more value added even in the simplest work.
To focus on target, with the creative ability to see further developments. 
Excellence in innovation is to gain experience, improve, change, learn.In the ...

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Mango leaf extract

Changsha Vtrue Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

Mango belongs to the family of Anacardiaceae, is the most famous oriental fruit, and is one of the five tropical names. Mango " yi qi, stop vomiting. ". Mango leaves acid, gan, cool, ping, with ping chuan cough expectorant, immunity, anti - inflammatory, analgesic, liver and gallbladder, anti - lipid peroxida...

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Erythorbic Acid


Category: Acid regulators. Contact us for more information.

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Besan Nisasta High Fructose 30

Besan Nisasta Gida Sanayi ve Tic. AS

Besan nisasta gida sanayi ve tic. A.S. offers a wide range of food products which includes FRUCTOSE. It is the first of corn starch to glucose, and then obtained by converting glucose into fructose by enzymatic isomerisation of the high fructose corn syrup are many natural benefit, nutritious and versatile sw...

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Aromaticos Quimicos Potosinos SA de CV

Grupo Tecnaal is an innovative Company whose core business is bases on the production of W.O.N.F. and

Natural specialties ingredients for Food, beverages, nutrition and Health industries.

With our headquarters located...

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