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Biorigin launches a new clean label ingredient at FI Connect and reinforces its concept to “Savouring a mindful world”

24 Nov 2020

The company introduces Biogard ONJ, a clean label solution produced from plant-based fermentation

Biorigin will present at its exhibitor showcase at FI CONNECT natural ingredients, including a new one, based on fermentation for many of today´s label and formulations challenges including salt & sugar reduction, vegan & vegetarian recipes and clean label initiatives, such as Natural, NON GMO, Healthy and Sustainable.

 “Current market trends shows that consumers are becoming increasingly aware what they eat and drink. They check labels and, meantime, they are seeking for pleasant food and beverages experiences without give up of taste, texture and quality”, says Laura Simon, Biorigin Global Product Manager. “In this show, we will introduce a new solution that features the consumers´ desire for clean label initiatives: Biogard ONJ, the new fermented plant-based solution to improve the taste and quality of a wide range of application”, she complements.

Biorigin launches a new clean label ingredient at FI Connect and reinforces its concept to “Savouring a mindful world”
Biorigin launches a anew product of Biogard line: Biogard ONJ based on plant-based fermentation

Suitable to a wide range of application including Meats, Dips and Spreads, Dressings, Soups, Sauces, Ready to Eat Meals, Marinades and Plant-Based meats, Biogard ONJ is a natural plant-based fermented ingredient that offers the benefits of fermented products to improve the taste and the final quality at the same time.

The plant-based fermentation has historically been employed to extend the shelf life of and also to bring up tasteful profile. “Biogard ONJ is obtained by a controlled and natural fermentation of onion juice which imparts with a mild, savory onion flavour that fits very well in several types of application and, at the same time, it also delivers fermentation produced metabolites capable to reduce and inhibit spoilage microorganisms maintaining the final quality of products”, complements Maria Helena Branco, Global Food Application Specialist.

Biorigin has the knowhow of a company with more than 75 years in fermentation processes. The company´s portfolio includes a complete line of natural products: yeast extracts, yeast derivatives and natural flavours that are the right solution to clean up labels and replace artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. “With our solutions we pretend to ‘Savouring a mindful world’”, completes Mrs. Simon.

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