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CakeZyme® Smart is suitable for a wide range of cakes, particularly pound cake and muffin formulations. CakeZyme® Smart improves the emulsifying properties of egg lecithin. It optimizes egg usage plus lowering raw ingredient and handling costs. It improves batter viscosity. One can achieve higher levels of aeration during mixing, which in turn increases batter viscosity and cake volume. By enabling better aeration during mixing, Cakezyme® Smart also has a positive impact on crumb structure. CakeZyme® Smart helps maintain emulsion stability and batter viscosity during baking. The heat stability of emulsions made with CakeZyme® Smart is 10-20ºC higher than in standard cake recipes. This results in higher oven spring and enhanced cake volume. CakeZyme® Smart improves crumb softness when added to batter. Its unique action delays starch retrogradation, resulting in a softer crumb.
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Supplied from Jamaica

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