Calf Rennet - REN-NA

Product description

Renna® is produced through continuous extraction and membrane column filtration process from bobby calf stomachs. The active enzymes in Renna® are chymosin and bovine pepsin. Renna® is free from microbial coagulant, swine pepsin and DNA recombinant chymosin. For this reason, Renna® is the ideal rennet for traditional cheese production.

Renna® contains natural chymosin and pepsin giving a strong structure and good flavour to cheese.Renna® natural rennet has the best effect on long ripened cheeses.Renna® is available in liquid and powder forms with different activities. Our products are Halal certified.

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Categories Enzyme Preparations
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Central/South America
Origin Turkey
Measured In Liters
Selling Points Anti-Allergens; Experienced Technicians; Guarantee/Warranty; Halal Ingredients; International Approvals/Standards; Sustainability
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