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Aak malaysia sdn bhd. provides wide range of goods which includes cebes™ nh. Cebes™ nh is a non-hydrogenated cbs (cocoa butter substitute) with all the qualities of a traditional hydrogenated cbs. Cebes™ nh is aak’s response to a cbs solution without hydrogenation. Cebes™ nh meets any type of application within the confectionery industry. Cebes™ nh is recommended primarily for compound coatings, couvertures and moulded products, but this fat is also suitable as a non-hydrogenated, hard filling with excellent meltdown properties. Cebes™ nh is a non-temper fat based on lauric fats providing excellent gloss and a very pleasant and fast meltdown. Cebes™ nh solidifies very quickly when cooled at the recommended temperature which should be about 5°c at the inlet of the cooling tunnel and 1-2°c above dew point at the outlet of the cooling tunnel. Advantages: cebes™ nh can be used in a wide range of applications due to the high flexibility of cebes™ nh in recipes, fast setting and meltdown is achieved, no tempering is needed, as cebes™ nh is based on non-hydrogenated raw materials it can be labelled as ”vegetable fat”. Contact us for more information.
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Categories Cocoa and Chocolate
Sales markets Middle East
Supplied from Turkey
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Cebes™ nh

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