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CHOCOFILL™ NH is a non-hydrogenated filling fat which is very flexible in recipes and can thereby be used in a wide range of applications. CHOCOFILL™ NH is based on non-lauric raw materials and the sensory properties are closely matching those of traditional general-purpose filling fats made with hydrogenated non-lauric fats, hence CHOCOFILL™ NH can be used to replace traditional filling fats in most types of fillings. T he CHOCOFILL™ NH range has a saturated fatty acid content between 42-53%. Advantages: A multi-functional fat that can be used in a wide range of applications, Easy processing as the fat does not need tempering, tolerates other fats and water-bearing ingredients very well, Looking at marketing aspects, CHOCOFILL™ NH should be labelled as “vegetable fat” since no hydrogenation is applied during produciton, Fillings givning a pleasant flavour release as the fat melts in the mouth, better than with hydrogenated filling fat. Applications: Pralines and filled bars, Biscuit fillings, Wafer creams, Sugar confectionery and Fillings containing water.
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Categories Fat Replacers; Flavour Enhancers; Nutrients
Supplied from Nepal

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