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Almonds a key ingredient in healthy snacking

More almond-containing products were launched in Europe than in any other region in the world in 2016, as the trend toward healthier snacking has given the nuts a major boost.

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Food fraud boosts demand for transparent supply chains

Supply chain transparency is no longer optional for food companies, as consumers demand more information about where their food comes from.

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BASF joins Personalized Nutrition & Health consortium

BASF is the latest member to join the Personalized Nutrition & Health consortium founded by TNO and Wageningen University & Research.

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Latest news

Lampados completes Liteez production facility

Lampados completes Liteez production facility 

26 Apr 2018
Cocoa Barometer 2018 report published

Cocoa Barometer 2018 report published 

26 Apr 2018
Fermentalg provides first quarter update

Fermentalg provides first quarter update 

26 Apr 2018

Featured suppliers

  • Peruvian Nature
  • Kancor Ingredients Limited
  • Foodchem International Corporation
  • Jilin COFCO Bio-Chem & Bio-Energy Marketing Co., Ltd.
  • Natra Cacao S.L.
  • CBI
  • Vidya Herbs PVT Ltd
  • Petrou Nuts S.A.
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Latest products

Cocoa powder

Brenntag Brazil

Brenntag Brazil provides a wide range of food products which includes Cocoa powder. It provides color and flavor in almost all food categories. It can be used in biscuits, cakes, dairy beverages, coatings for confections, frozen desserts and ice cream. Contact us for more information. We are ready to assist...

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White Chocolate

Natra Cacao S.L.

Made with high quality cocoa butter, milk and sugar, Natra Cacao delivers exquisite white chocolate, also available with Organic, Fair Trade and UTZ certification and with no added sugars. Presentation : liquid tanks up to 25,000 kg. Solid in 20 kg or 2 kg bags. 

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Freeze dried fruits

Eco Terra GmbH

Eco Terra offers freeze dried fruits such as mango, banana, pineapple, golden berries, raspberries and more. Our newest product category are inclusions for chocolate, ice, muesli and yogurt industry.

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Roasted Blanched hazelnut 13-15 mm 

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FELIX KOCH OFFENBACH Couleur und Karamel GmbH

Maple syrup is a pure natural product, made by reducing the slightly sweet sap of the sugar maple tree. This natural, traditional production process takes place without the use of any chemical additives. Today, just as it has been for hundreds of years, the syrup is tapped from maple trees in the spring. ...

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Cashew Paste

Petrou Nuts S.A.

100% cashew kernel without additives and preservatives.

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Jiangyin Healthway Int. Trade Co Ltd

CAS#  1124-11-4 FEMA#  3237

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Cocoa Powder / Kakaopulver

Fuchs & Hoffmann GmbH

Available by mid 2019 / Verfügbar ab Mitte 2019

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Nutrafood-Food for Health

Nutrafood designs customized gluten-free, lactose free, hypoallergenic and no added sugar formulations. It is our primary purpose being able to offer healthy foods for those who suffer from intolerances, without sacrificing quality and goodness. Vegan. lactose free or hypoallergenic spread creams are the ...

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Litesizer™ 500

Anton Paar

The Litesizer™ 500 is an instrument for characterizing nano- and microparticles in dispersions and solutions. It determines particle size, zeta potential, and molecular mass by measuring dynamic light scattering (DLS), electrophoretic light scattering (ELS), and static light scattering (SLS).Moreove...

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Chocolate coated products & toppings

Paulino Solanellas, SL

We produce chocolate coated products (extruded cereals and nuts) to be used as toppings or decorations in confectionnery, dairy and bakery industries.

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Organic Food Ingredients

DO-IT Dutch Organic International Trade

O-IT offers a wide range of 100% organic food ingredients for the industry, small producers of organic food, packers etc. We import and export 100% organic for more than 25 years with a lot of experience, direct sourcing and high quality in products, handling and service. 

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Kancor Ingredients Limited

Cocoa plays major role in the flavour industry. Research has proven that cocoa is full of wholesome goodness – a bunch of anti-oxidants, a pinch of polyphenols and plenty of anti-carcinogens. Kancor’s cocoa extracts are made from specially selected parts of cocoa, extracted and concentrated under vacuum. This...

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Cocoa Powder


Indcresa manufactures cocoa powder. It range from the natural type, and from the light, medium and strongly alkalized types, to ultimately different kinds of red and black colours. Packaging: paper bags (25 kg net weight), big bags (from 400 kg to 1.000 kg), bulk (up to 21.000 kg net weight). Applications: dr...

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Petiva Private Limited

- 100 % Natural Rare sugar present in Flower Nectar- Some say tastes better than Sucrose - Complex Sugar with an Ultra Low Glycemic Index (GI) close to the Glycemic Index of Blackbeans and Lentils- Nectarose takes 300% longer time to break down than simple sugars. Combining the goodness of complex carboh...

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Peruvian Nature

Peruvian Nature offers a wide variety of products which includes Cacao. In addition to its extraordinary flavor, Peruvian Cacao is an excellent source of antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids. 

Part used: Grain. 
Presentation: Cacao Powder | Cacao Organic Powd...

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Cocoa Powder

CasaLuker Cacao Fino de Aroma

The presence of CasaLuker in the whole cocoa chain, allows us to carefully select the best Fino de Aroma beans that guarantee high standards in quality, flavour and aroma. We manufacture the best semi-elaborated products derived from the Cacao Fino de Aroma, such as: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and...

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P’cote (Enborig) (Premium Fat For Chocolate Coated Products)

Asha Ram & Sons Pvt. Ltd.

Asha Ram & Sons Pvt Ltd offers wide range of products which includes p’cote (enborig) (premium fat for chocolate coated products). Contact us for more information.

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Pure Chocolate

Mohan Impex

Mohan Impex offers a wide range of cocoa products which includes pure chocolate. Contact us for more information.

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Choco paste (Lotus)

Gujarat Enterprises

Lotus chocolates is one of india's select manufacturers of the finest chocolates, cocoa products and cocoa derivatives. it is supplied to chocolate makers and chocolate users across the world, from local bakeries to multi - national companies. Gujarat Enterprises offer a wide range of chocolates applicable in...

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Cocoa Powder

Calpro Specialities Pvt. Ltd

Calpro Foods Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes cocoa powder. Usage: chocolate confectionery and toffees, caramels & nougat. Contact us for more information.

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Ingredients for desserts, ice creams and traditional cooking


Stabilizers, gluten and sugar free ingredients for desserts, ice creams and traditional cooking.

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IMCD India Pvt. Ltd.

IMCD India Pvt Ltd Offers a wide range of nutritious ingredients which includes cocoa. Contact us for more information.

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August Töpfer & Co. (Gmbh & Co.) KG

Walnuts are a real source of energy. Studies have already proven the positive effect for a healthier live.

Our long-standing and trustful relationships to producers enable us to deliver a high quality at a fair price. Our main sources are the USA which are known for being the main producer...

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Milk Fat Replacers

Fuji Oil Europe

* A wide and strongly growing variety of dairy products can be found on the market. In these products there is a tendency to substitute milk fat for vegetable fat.

Next to price and availability, nutritional aspects, constant quality and functional properties are reasons to replace mil...

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Sweetened Almond Paste

Hans Kaspar AG

Hans Kaspar AG provides a wide range of nut pastes products which includes sweetened almond paste. It is roasted almonds, sugar < 20? ground, viscous. Application: production of ice-cream and biscuits. It is used as a natural taste highlight in chocolate and yoghurt. Contact us for more information.

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CARUMA® [Carob powder for human food] is a natural ingredient for human food. It consists in flour obtained from carob pulp and has a unique flavour that enhances the aroma and taste of the final preparation. Applications: substitute for cocoa, chocolate, ice-creams and yoghourts, confectionery, pastry, roast...

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Coconut products

Neupert Ingredients GmbH

Coconut oil, Coconut sugar

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White, yoghurt and coloured compounds

Göteborgs Food Budapest ZRT

Göteborgs Food Budapest ZRT offers a wide variety of compound chocolates which includes white, yoghurt and coloured compounds. It is produced from the best available raw materials. Taste, colour, milk powder contents as well as type of milk material are depending on recipe. It is used for all imaginable choco...

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White Couverture thin UTZ

Chocolat Frey AG

Chocolat Frey AG offers a wide range of dark couvetures chocolate products which includes White Couverture thin UTZ. It is UTZ certified, very runny white couverture with Balanced milk flavour. It is ideal for use in Coatings for ice-cream products.

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