Cofco Tunhe Co., Ltd.

Cofco Tunhe Co., Ltd.


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COFCO is the largest supplier of diversified products and services in the agricultural products and food industry in China. It is devoted to utilizing renewable natural resources to provide healthy and nutritious food, high quality lifestyle and services, as well as contributing to improve people's living standards, social prosperity and stability. COFCO plays a pivotal role as a bridge in the markets of edible oils and foodstuff between China and the world, and serves as the main importing and exporting channel for bulk agricultural products such as wheat, corn, rice and sugar. As an investment holding company specialized in trade and processing of oil and foodstuff as well as other businesses, COFCO continuously strives to upgrade its oil and foodstuff chains, which include those of oils and oilseeds, corn, wheat, rice, wine, tomatoes, dairy products, meat, barley, tea, chocolate and various other products. In light of China's economic growth, return on shareholders' value and available business resources, COFCO is also involved in the development of real estate, hotels, non-grain bio-energy, packaging, finance and other industries.

We produce and supply tomato powder (spray dried), natural tomato lycopene, tomato paste, apricot puree, sugar (from beets and sugar cane ) etc.

As a leading producer and supplier of fruit and vegetable products in China, COFCO Tunhe is one of the world's largest tomato and apricot puree concentrate processors, and China's largest beet sugar producers and traders. The company's major business now includes tomato processing, sugar manufacturing and trading, seed breeding and sales, canned fruits and vegetables, and brand products.

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Sales markets Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, North America, Africa, Central/South America

Cofco Tunhe Co., Ltd.

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