Deep-Sea Shark Liver Oil

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Shark liver oil has been used for a long time before scientific research proved its potency. Especially, Norwegian fishermen knew from their experience that shark liver oil heals wounds and increase immunity and so they took it dairy to keep their health in harsh environment. Recent years, shark liver oil potency is clearly proven by many researches done worldwide. Shark liver oil is still very popular around the world as dietary supplement to keep our health in this stressful modern way of living.brhrbrWe provide 100% New Zealand origin shark liver oil. It contains rich amount of DAGE, Squalene, and Omega 3 fatty acid. Our product is tested by New Zealand laboratory for heavy metals and pesticide residue, and for the meaning of double checking, the same test is done in Japan.
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Categories Proteins
Sales markets Asia
Origin Jordan
Selling Points Natural Ingredients
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Deep-Sea Shark Liver Oil

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