Diffused components

Product description

Frujo offers diffused components. Components with delicious and still solid pieces of fruit, even after deep-freeze processing, are made by diffusion osmosis technology which ensures the gentle treatment of the fruit cells. This technology secures minimal change in appearance; both in the shape and colour of the fruit pieces, and thus natural qualities of the fruit are also preserved. These components are then used not only for decorative applications but also as admixtures to frozen creams and even to top quality milk products. Fruit pieces treated in this way and mixed into frozen creams present high "freeze/thaw" stability and elasticity during transportation and storage. In milk products, such fruit admixtures are applied mostly for commercially and visually attractive items. Usually, more colourful fruit admixtures stand out better against the background colour of the final product and in this way the product is more attractive and tends to be also commercially successful.
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