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Jizhou huaheng biological technology co ltd offers a wide range of products which includes DL-Methionine. It belongs to amino acids category. Characteristics: White, crystalline platelets or powder having a characteristic odor. One g dissolves in about 30 ml of water. It is soluble in dilute acids and alkali hydroxides in solutions. It is very slightly soluble in alcohol, and practically insoluble in ethyl ether. Uses: It is mainly used as animal essential amino acid in fish meal and additive of chickens, pigs and cows in order to keep animal and fowl growing healthily. It can improve the milky ability of cows , prevent the occurrence of hepatosis. besides these, it can also be used as amino acid medicines, injection solution a nutritional infusion, the agent of protective liver, the therapy liver cirrhosis and toxic hepatitis. Package: Packed with a polyethylene bag for the inner layer and a Kraft paper board barrel for the outer layer, net weight 20kg/drum. Packaging may be arranged according to the requirement of the client. Storage: Store in cool, shaded, dry and clean places.
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