EFSA re-approves Allanblackia seed oil

7 Aug 2018
EFSA re-approves Allanblackia seed oil

In 2007, the EFSA NDA Panel concluded that Allanblackia seed oil obtained from the seeds of Allanblackia trees is safe for human consumption under the proposed conditions of use.

Due to its high content of stearic‐oleic‐stearic and stearic‐oleic‐oleic triglycerides, which made the oil suitable as a ‘hardstock’ component, the applicant applied for its use as a novel food (NF) ingredient in yellow fat and cream‐based spreads at a level of 20% (w/w).

In this application, the applicant sought (1) to increase the authorised maximum use level (i.e. 20% w/w) in yellow fat spreads and cream‐based spreads to 30% (w/w) and (2) the use of this NF in mixes of vegetable oils and milk up to a maximum use level of 30% (w/w). (3) The applicant proposed also some changes in the specifications of the NF, although he noted that the oil is collected, extracted and refined using the same processes that are currently used for other edible vegetable oils and which have been evaluated in the original application assed by EFSA in 2007.

According to the information provided by the applicant, the production process and the composition of the NF have not changed. The Panel noted that the revised specification limits on trans‐fatty acid (TFA), unsaponifiable matter, peroxide value are similar to those for other edible oils and fats.

The applicant also indicated that he had performed an updated comprehensive literature search using several different databases, but no preclinical studies or human studies on Allanblackia seed oil were identified which were not provided for the previous EFSA assessment in 2007.

The Panel noted that the proposed extended uses would increase the potential intake of the NF, which is considered not to be nutritionally disadvantageous. The Panel concluded that Allanblackia seed oil is safe at the extended uses and use level.