Eggy (12 spray box)

Product description

Eggy is a creamy mousse in a pressurized spray dispenser. It keeps for up to six months with no need for refrigeration. Eggy contains six 'le Naturelle' barn eggs. It's the ideal solution for 'Kitchen emergencies' and to make omelettes, 'carbonara', delicious crepes, scrambled eggs and crispy breadcrumb dressings. Ingredients: Liquid pasteurized whole egg from barn raised hens, pressurized (propellant: CO2). Preservative: E202. Use: For confectionery and culinary use. Storage: Store at room temperature between 0°C and +25°C. Shelf life: 6 months after that date of manufacture. Packaging: 12 spray boxes, pallet layers: 6 x 24 boxes.
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Categories Proteins
Origin Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
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