Beauty from within -  with Careflow®

8 Nov 2021


Beauty from within - with Careflow®

Elevate your beauty regime from the inside out. Today ingestible beauty products have gone holistic, targeting skin, hair and nail, as well as signs of aging, metabolism, physical activity and sleep. Healthy skin is a result of a firm structural foundation and a good microcirculation. In addition, the body needs to have a healthy metabolism and defense system to keep uncountable factors and pathways in balance to maintain skin function and beauty. Careflow® helps to restore your skin and let it glow.
Healthy microcirculation nourishes the hair bulb with oxygen and nutrients, such as bioactive peptides for maintenance and generation of the keratin matrix. Careflow® has several benefits to restore your hair and let it shine.
Read more about how Careflow®  supports beauty from within in this brochure.

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