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Almonds a key ingredient in healthy snacking

More almond-containing products were launched in Europe than in any other region in the world in 2016, as the trend toward healthier snacking has given the nuts a major boost.

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Food fraud boosts demand for transparent supply chains

Supply chain transparency is no longer optional for food companies, as consumers demand more information about where their food comes from.

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BASF joins Personalized Nutrition & Health consortium

BASF is the latest member to join the Personalized Nutrition & Health consortium founded by TNO and Wageningen University & Research.

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Latest news

Lampados completes Liteez production facility

Lampados completes Liteez production facility 

26 Apr 2018
Cocoa Barometer 2018 report published

Cocoa Barometer 2018 report published 

26 Apr 2018
Fermentalg provides first quarter update

Fermentalg provides first quarter update 

26 Apr 2018

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Golden Sand Trading & Consulting Corporation

  • Natural, from fish skins, sustainable
  • Unique collagen peptides profile (enzymatic hydrolysis)
  • A very high purity degree of collagen protein: > 99,8 % DM (ionic demineralization and filtrations)
  • Highly bioavailble and bioactive for the best efficacy
  • Water-soluble, neutral tas...
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    Transglutaminase Meat - Saprona®

    C&P Additives

    European source of Transglutaminase preparations for meat industry:Benefits:
    Reconstruction of meat and poultry piecesImproving of textureReducing slicing lossesReducing cooking lossEqualise quality problems of raw material (e.g. PSE)

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    β-Amylase F "Amano"

    Amano Enzyme Europe Limited

    Amano Enzyme Europe Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes β-Amylase F "Amano", Category: Amylase, Application: Production of maltose syrup, Baking

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    VT Freeze box

    Vestfrost Solutions

    VT Freezer box -45ºC, -60ºC, -86ºC

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    AB Enzymes

    AB Enzymes offers you a wide range of VERON® baking enzymes to obtain the best results in different cereal-based industries and application segments for the last 30 years. Enzymes play an essential role in modern baking technology and have done so for many years. Enzymes are key technology products in many ba...

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    Reniplus Enzymes

    Duke Thomson's India Pvt Ltd

    Reniplus new generation is a milk-clotting enzyme suitable for application in cheese-making factories, obtained from pure culture mucor miehei, no pathogen. This enzyme has been fermented in a solution based in low weight nitrogen-compounds. Reniplus new generation improves the activity of determined lactic s...

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    B.M.P. Bulk Medicines & Pharmaceuticals GmbH

    The new CitruSyn® is 100% pure L-citrulline – the highly-effective amino acid with such an unbelievably powerful effect. It leads to a marked increase in performance, reduces muscle fatigue, improves the oxygen supply to the blood vessels and enhances muscle development. CitruSyn®, in its purest form, is ...

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    High Performance Improvers

    AIT Ingredients

    A large range: - ProResist: to improve tolerance and machinability, to guarantee regular appearance of products,- MaxiSoft: to optimize different kinds of softness, - GlutenBooster: to improve the gluten network in the dough,- ProFresh: to preserve softness and limit the staleness of pro...

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    Nagase has a wide range of enzyme products portfolio, ranging of Denazyme PLA2 brand phospholipase A2 for optimizing egg processing, Denazyme PMC brand collagenase for meat tenderizing, Denazyme GEL B brand glucanase for improving yeast extract. Visit our booth for the full lists of our enzymes including ...

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    Microbial Rennet - VALIREN®

    Mayasan Food Industries A.S

    Valiren® is a food grade enzyme derived through the controlled fermentation of special strains of Rhizomucor miehei. It contains the specific protease activity that makes it effective as a milk clotting enzyme. Valiren® complies with FCC recommended specifications for food grade enzymes.
    Our prod...

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    Univar Food Ingredients

    Including amylase, lipase, protease, pectinase, asparaginase, cellulase, carbohydrase, amyloglucosidase and more.

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    The Use of Enzymes in Vanilla Extraction

    Biocatalysts Ltd

    Biocatalysts offers a wide range of botanical extraction products which includes enzymes in vanilla extraction. It is one of the most universally used flavours in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It increase the extracted yield of flavour. it is ideal for the extraction of oil soluble flavour...

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    Yeast products

    DKSH GmbH

    Food industry yeast, Vitamin yeast, Yeast extracts

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    BESTMIX Recipe management software

    Adifo Software

    BESTMIX Recipe management software is an agile package that supports food industry R&D departments, QA units and product managers from first concept to final specifications. 

    Creating innovative and competitive products, this user-friendly NPD software supports you through each s...

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    Enzymes for yeast processing

    Angel Yeast Co. Ltd.

    Annzyme® enzymes are widely used in yeast processing industry for the highly efficient hydrolysis and controllable processing to make final product with mellow flavor. It can be used in the production of seasoning yeast extract, microbial fermentation yeast extract and animal nutrition yeast hydrolyzate.

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    Enzybel S.A.

    XTRASE® is a liquid preparation of purified papain, standardized with sorbitol. Papain is extracted from the green unripe fruit of the papaya tree. Cristalase® is available in different standardized proteolytic activities. The ability to break down a wide range of protein tissues, leads to an e...

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    Activated Carbons


    At first glance, all types of activated carbon seem alike. They all derive from the same element, carbon. They are used for their ability to absorb and to remove undesired substances from gases and liquids. However, there are activated carbons which may be more effective depending on the application. Undoubte...

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    PROBIND® Transglutaminase for Meat

    BDF Natural Ingredients

    PROBIND® Series products are high quality European functional formulas containing the Transglutaminase enzyme, which improve the properties ofour clients’ final products - with multiple applications in the Meat, Fish, Dairy and Bakery sectors.
    The use of Transglutaminase in meat and fish preparations helps...

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    Ajinomoto Co (Thailand) Ltd

    Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. Offers a wide range of enzyme which includes transglutaminase(tg). It is widely distributed in nature, is an enzyme with the revolutionary ability to improve the physical properties of various foods containing proteins. Contact us for more information.

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    大和原液牌发酵型复合浓缩果蔬汁饮料 (Jolly)

    Shanghai Blue Ribbon Trading Co Ltd

    采用数十种日本当地盛产蔬果经过日式传统发酵工法制成,提供人体所需之综合酵素、植化素、维生素、矿物质等营养成分,全身性调节生理机能,从身体深层发挥作用,不论肠胃、代谢、免疫、美容…等各方面问题均可饮用。Several kinds of Japanese locally produced fruits and vegetables as the ingredients, made by using Japan traditional fermetaion. This Jolly drink can provide complex Enzymes, Phytochemicals, Vitamins and Minera...

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    Granulation/ Agglomeration


    Innov'Ia provides wide range of solutions which includes granulation.The agglomeration consists in spraying a liquid on the surface of fluidized particles. This phenomena generates a link between particles which is consolidated thanks to the warm air flow. The agglomeration permits to increase the size of the...

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    Digestive Health

    Atlantia Food Clinical Trials

    Atlantia Food Clinical Trials limited provides wide range of consulting services which includes digestive health. It has experience in trials with different test products, from probiotics to protein, and fruit extracts to marine extracts. It has extensive expertise in gi health trials and looking at...

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    Imcd singapore provides wide range of products which includes enzymes. Contact us for more information.

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    ProtiAct - Transglutaminase Compound

    Rama Production Co., Ltd.

    ProtiAct is a functional compound based on high activity Transglutaminase enzyme providing excellent functions for texture improvement and protein binding. With its excellent properties, ProtiAct  is one of the better solutions helping food manufacturers to add value for meat, seafood and other ...

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    Esolv® OmegaH2O®

    Wedar Biotechnology Co .,Ltd

    1.Astaxanthin water soluble liquid/ powder 2.Omega 3 water soluble liquid/ powder3.Algae DHA water soluble liquid/ powder4.CoQ10 water soluble liquid/ powder  

    We utilize state of the art technology to convert fat soluble materials to cloudless water soluble without any emulsi...

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    Tegar Inti Sentosa

    Tegar Inti Sentosa Pt offers a wide range of products which includes lipase. Contact us for more information.

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    PT IMCD (Indonesia)

    PT IMCD (Indonesia) offers a wide range of products which includes Enzymes. Contact us for more information.

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    Kerry Taste & Nutrition

    Kerry ingredients & flavours provides wide range of functional ingredients and actives which includes enzymes. Contact us for more information.

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    Dr. Behr GmbH

    Dr. Behr GmbH provides wide range of enzymes which includes serratiopeptidase. Contact us for more information.

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    Biorich Biotechnology Co Ltd

    Biorich Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides wide range of products which includes nattokinase. Fermentation liquid was concentrated, stable and free of any chemical residual organic solvents; advanced on 100% natural ingredients formulated using organic fermented soybeans. Contact us for more information.

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