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Application: (1) Mixtures of quiches and savoury tarts: It adds smoothness and whiteness to the batter, (2) Purees of minced meats and Brandade: It adds the typical tastes of cream or butter, (3) Poultry meat industry (Nuggets and cordons bleus): It gives smoothness to pickled poultry meats. It provides texture to fillings and add cheese flavouring, (4) Cooked seafoods (Terrines, rillettes, surimi): It provides dairy flavours, (5) Cooked Cured (Meats stuffings and thin crusts): It provides smoothness and whiteness, (6) Milk based sauces white, cream-based, cheese-based: It adds protein and fat matter to enhance the smoothness and whiteness of your sauces, (7) Cold emulsified sauces: It adds fermented flavours to your dressing sauces. Some of these formulas are stable at acid pH, (8) Hot emulsified sauces: It adds good butter taste to your hot emulsified sauces and contributes to texture, (9) Soups veloutés creams: It gives the typical dairy tastes of cream, butter, yoghurt, (10) Cheese: Cream powder used in standardisation of the fat matter in cheeses, (11) Ice creams: Low fat or whole yoghurt powders or femented milk protein is used to provide texture and flavour in ice creams, (12) Powdered drinks (Fermented range): yoghurts powders or dairy proteins blends, improve the fresh and acid yoghurt note. It is enrich in calcium, (13) Liquid Drinks (Acid beverages): Range of fermented products, yoghurt powders or protein-based mixtures to provide a fresh and typical yoghurt taste note, (14) CAKE CREAMS & FILLINGS, Fillings: Lines of products are designed to provide typical cream or yoghurt flavour, Texturising, (15) Rised doughs: Butter powders or fermented dairy ingredient powders used to add butyric or yoghurt flavour. It enhances texture, (16) Yellow doughs: Fermented ingredient powder used to provide typical yoghurt taste. It enhances smoothness. Certain formulas are rich in proteins, (17) Doughs biscuits: Butter powders or fermented dairy ingredient powder, provide butyric or yoghurt flavour. It adds texture. Contact us for more information.
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Categories Proteins
Origin China
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