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Application: (1) Mixtures of quiches and savoury tarts: It provides smoothness to the pizza pastry, (2) Filling: Lines of products are designed to provide typical cream or yoghurt flavour; Texturising, (3) Purees of minced meats and Brandade: Milk proteins and fat matter contribute to the texture and smoothness of your purées, (4) Cooked seafoods: (Terrines, rillettes, surimi): It enhances the whiteness of your preparations, (5) Soups veloutés creams: It provides texture and smoothness with the milk protein and the fat matter, (6) Yoghurts and desserts: It replaces butyric fat matter in milk-based desserts and drinking yoghurt, gives full fl avour and smoothness, (7) Ice creams: Fat dairy preparation is used to provide smoothness and creaminess, (8) Liquid Drinks (Acid beverages): Fat enriched dairy mixture, (9) CAKE CREAMS & FILLINGS (Confectioner's custard): It is balanced mixes of milk proteins and fat. Epival 26 plus provides an enhanced dairy taste. These ingredients are used in warm and cool batters of confectioner’s custards, (10) Doughs biscuits: Whole fat or low fat protein mixes used as substitutes for milk powder. Epival “plus” enhances the dairy taste. Contact us for more information.
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Categories Proteins
Origin China
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