Everything from Finnish grains with Finnish pure technology

18 Nov 2015
Everything from Finnish grains with Finnish pure technology

Are you aware of the attributes of high-quality grains? Do you know the most qualified grain-based ingredients and how they are used as a raw material in the most revolutionary food innovations? Are you familiar with the health-enhancing features of cereals? Gain insight into the unique Finnish grains and the specific benefits of them. Read more on http://www.foodfromfinland.com/now!/fi_europe_paris_2015/newsletter_finnish_grains

Unique production environment in the North
Finland is a real superpower in cereal production, thanks to the special agro-climatic conditions that are just right for cultivating the highest quality grains. The Finnish growing conditions cannot be replicated elsewhere in the world. Besides the unique production environment, Finland is also famous for their outstanding processing properties, milling technology, quality control and excellent traceability of their grains.

The Finns are particularly proud of their oats and oat-based innovations, barley, pure grain products, their technology expertise and how they use R&D in creating mouth-watering and healthy products. The raw materials and ingredients are used in a new and efficient way.

Finnish oat innovations at FIE 2015

Finland is located very high in the north, but, surprisingly, it is one of the largest oats producers in the world. Finns have a long tradition and know-how related to the cultivating, processing and research of oats.
At FIE 2015 Trade Fair, Finnish companies will present innovative oat ingredients, such as oat beta-glucan concentrate, low-fat oat protein and oat oil. The new fraction process for oats, developed, patented and implemented in Finland, will also be introduced at the fair by Fazer Mills & Mixes Ltd www.fazermills.com. PolarGlucan Ltd www.polarglucan.com presents patented colloidal whole grain oat flour and oat bites. Velvety colloidal oat flour functions excellently in many applications e.g. drinks, baking, meat and emulsions. Oat bites offer a tempting and convenient way to eat healthy oat bran.
Finland is world famous for its oats research and gluten free oats products. A range of new gluten free ingredients will be launched at FIE 2015 by Helsinki Mills Ltd www.helsinki-mills.com. Also, new, naturally-functional tools for making food products healthier will be presented by Raisio Group www.raisio.com. You will be informed of how products, rich in native beta-glucan and full of extremely good carbs, can still be delicious in a sustainable and ecological way.

Forgotten barley – a novel ingredient for the food industry
The precious ancestor of grain cultivation, barley is also brought to the spotlight at FIE. Barley has beta-glucan with health benefits equal to oats. You are welcome to explore more about Finnish non-GMO barley with possibilities for organic and gluten free. Altia Corporation www.altiacorporation.com presents how to use barley as a new ingredient for health benefits!

Pure grain extracts and powders

Senson Ltd www.senson.fi presents a versatile selection of dry and liquid grain products from rye, barley, wheat and oats at FIE Paris 2015. The company is proud to present new extracts with pure cereal tastes, gluten free barley malt extracts, extracts with high enzyme activities and more. All their ingredients are easy and cost-efficient to use for bringing flavor, color and structure to foods and beverages. These natural food ingredients are delivered with high quality, full traceability and uncompromising food safety.

Vitality from Science
Make sure that you can utilize superior features of the grain! VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd www.vtt.fi will be happy to be your partner in developing your production processes or pioneering new products for the food and beverage sector. At FIE 2015, you will hear more about their new vision: towards a vitality index – predicting healthiness in food design. A smart use of resources, the development of novel protein and fibre ingredients, offering appealing and healthy food and enjoyable beverages are the main areas of Finland´s expertise.

Visit the Food from Finland National Pavilion at FI Europe Paris 2015
You are warmly invited to visit us at Hall 7, stand G12!
The Food from Finland national pavilion features food ingredients from the following companies:
Senson Ltd www.senson.fi
Kiantama Ltd www.kiantama.fi
Raisio Group www.raisio.com
Fazer Mill & Mixes Ltd www.fazermills.com
Kaskein Marja Ltd www.kaskein.fi
PolarGlucan Ltd www.polarglucan.com
Helsinki Mills Ltd www.helsinki-mills.com
Altia Corporation www.altiacorporation.com
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd www.vtt.fi

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